What Are You Willing To Invest In Your Kids

What Are You Willing to Invest in Your Kids?

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Do you see this family? Take a very close look. These people are Africans living in England. They came to our Kingdom of Light Conference two years ago (see photos of the KOL Conference). Their children were so spiritually changed for the better that the parents can still see the impact today. Because of this, these thankful parents decided to make a huge investment in the spiritual lives of their children. Once again this year, they have decided to journey to Bismarck, ND to take part in our family conference, “In Search of the Glory.” (For details click here.)

What Are You Willing to Invest in Your Kids?

This father called me today. He just invested $4,000 in airline tickets for his wife and kids, and another $3,000 for hotels, food, rental cars, etc. because they want their children sitting under our ministry. They are doing whatever it takes to provide opportunities for their children to experience the presence of God.

His son is turning 12 yr old the second day of our conference. He told his dad he wanted to be somewhere in the glory of God on his birthday.

How About You?

Fortunately there are more and more churches who are changing their children’s ministries to less spiritual “fluff” and more spiritual “meat.” Increasing numbers of them are finally realizing that children do not have a “junior Holy Spirit,” and are hungry to learn the deeper truths of God’s word just as adults are.

However, unfortunately churches like these are not in the majority. Apparently this family hasn’t found any in the part of England they live in. Imagine, having to fly your kids half-way around the world to find a children’s ministry who can meet their spiritual needs.

How about you? How badly do you want your kids sitting under the ministry of the Holy Spirit? How important is it to you that they have significant encounters with God? What are you willing to invest? What are your excuses?

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