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Watch for Unusual Manifestations Among Children

Jean Darnell Prophecy:

“The second thing I said to watch for is unusual manifestations of the Lord to boys and girls between the ages of 9-15. Jesus is going to appear to them. He’s going to come to them in visions and dreams. He’s going to make himself known to boys and girls who are in non-Christian homes, in homes of violence, in homes where there is no love, in homes where there is no family continuity and care and tenderness – but Jesus is going to come to these children – and they will start appearing.

They’ll start coming to their teachers and to other people or other Christians that they will meet, and tell about their unusual dreams and visions of the Lord. The Lord is already doing it friends – so my word was as I went along, to Sunday school teachers and parents – don’t play down what these children tell you when the Lord appears to them – when they come to you and tell you these unusual experiences. And some of these children won’t have ‘churchy language’, you know, they don’t come from Christian families, so they are not going to say it right, the way we are used to hearing it, but they will be telling about unusual experiences. When that time comes, give them the nurture and the wisdom and the love that they need, because they are future leaders in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, and will become mightily used of the Lord.

That’s good news, folks! Watch for it and wait for it. Start expecting unusual things to happen to the children you are teaching, because the Spirit of the Lord is preparing their hearts to receive the fullness of the Holy Ghost – to receive gifts of the Holy Spirit, to receive healing, to receive ministries of healing to others as the Lord uses these children.”


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