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I keep hearing that all this talk about the coronavirus is scaring little kids—even our Christian kids. And I get it! Even Christian adults are getting scared when they focus more on the news than what the Bible says. BUT KNOWLEDGE IS POWER – and today I want to help you give your kids some Holy Ghost knowledge found in the Word of God. I’m not going to teach on fear as you might expect. Instead, I want to help you educate your kids on what the Bible says about healing in the blood of Jesus.

For this you are going to need a bag of Red Hots Cinnamon candy, or something similar in size and color, some white mini marshmallows, some type of cereal, and some post-it notes. So, get your stuff and let’s go.

There’s Power in the Blood

There’s a time to talk about fear, then there’s a time to talk about the Most High God and the power in His name, His Word, and in the blood of His son Jesus! God has given us everything we need we need to live confident, overcoming lives with no fear. But when you’re still a little kid, or maybe a new Christian, you haven’t learned all of that yet. So parents and kids ministers need to be empowered to give kids the tools to make sense out of a scary world! And understanding the blood of Jesus is a big part of that as Christians!

COVID-19 is an Enemy of God!

Take your Bible, and a concordance, or maybe access to the internet to look up scriptures. Today you’re going to help your kids make the Word a lamp to their feet and a light to their path. That scary thing floating around our world today is a disease called COVID-19. So, the first thing I want to challenge you to do is to get your kids to help you find as many scriptures in the Bible that shows us how willing God is to heal the sick because a disease is not nearly so scary if we know God’s against it, and is on our side! Then write out your verses on your post-it notes and place them all over your child’s bedroom, the bathroom mirror, your kitchen, and anywhere else your kids like to play. Read them out loud. Talk about them. And help your kids memorize them because knowledge of the word of God is powerful!

You can start, of course with Psalm 91, which I taught a few weeks ago in the video called How Kids Can pray Over the Coronavirus. I suggest you watch it when you’re done with this one.

By His Stripes We Are Healed

But the most famous scriptures that just spell out healing in black and white are Isaiah 53:5 and 1 Peter 2:24. The first says, “By the stripes of Jesus we are healed”—speaking in the present tense. And Peter says, “By the stripes of Jesus we WERE healed,” meaning it’s past tense, Jesus has already done it and now we just rest in it. Because of these verses we get the phrase “there’s healing in the blood of Jesus.”

If you’ve been a Christian for very long, you know that the stripes talked about in these verses have to do with the severe beating that Jesus received just before he was nailed to the cross and died. We know that his hands and feet were pierced with nails, and thanks to very vivid colorful movies, we know the whole crucifixion thing was a bloody ordeal. You need to have a discussion with your kids about this in age-appropriate ways—but don’t sugar coat it. It was ugly. The older your kids are, the more vivid you can be. Kids can handle the truth. They know when you aren’t being totally honest.

The point is when Jesus’ back was torn open with those stripes, the Bible is very specific—those stripes weren’t just for the forgiveness of sins alone—they specifically paid for the healing of our bodies.

The Life of the Creature is in the Blood

That brings us to blood. THE LIFE OF THE CREATURE IS IN THE BLOOD! Leviticus 17:11 The Bible is full of references about blood, like, “They overcame them by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB and the word of their testimony!” (Revelation 12:11) It’s a big mistake to avoid talking about the blood of Jesus to our kids.

In fact, I’ve observed that Christians who don’t understand the Blood, don’t understand their own salvation. You can’t really understand the Bible until you understand the blood of Jesus! I wrote a curriculum on this topic which is one of the exciting and colorful 13-week curriculums we have. It’s a top seller, and I’ll tell you more about it later because what I’m about to show you comes directly out of that curriculum here: There’s Power in the Blood.)

Get your kids together right now and set your little red candies out. Put them in a clear bowl so they can be easily seen. Something I’ve noticed about God is that so often He gives us examples in our natural world to help us understand what goes on in the spirit world. And that’s why we’re looking at this candy right now. These little candies are going to represent our natural, human blood. Get ready for a science lesson now – these don’t just represent blood they represent RED BLOOD CELLS. That’s important.

Without Blood We Die

Without blood, we die. Blood is circulating through our bodies at a crazy speed – depending on age, and health, our blood circulates from head to toe every 70 seconds or so bringing in oxygen to our cells, and carrying out carbon dioxide –which could kill us if it wasn’t removed. But God is so good, he thought of everything and our bodies are amazing machines!

At the same time our vessels have red blood cells coursing through us, there’s something else in our vessels as well. Bring out your WHITE marshmallows at this point and pour them into your bowl on top of the red candy, and with your hand stir them up. That’s because in our blood there are WHITE corpuscles or white blood cells. They are a little bigger than the red blood cells, and while we have about 5 million red blood cells in our bodies, we when everything is going fine, and we’re feeling good, we only have about 5 to 10 thousand white blood cells.

Now there are several other things in our blood like plasma, antigens, platelets, and other things, but we’re going to keep this simple, and just talk about these two. The white blood cells have a very important job to do. They KILL GERMS and bacteria AND VIRUSES in our bodies! YEAH!!! THERE’S HEALING IN OUR BLOOD!

What happens is when those ugly germs and viruses enter our bodies, the white blood cells know it, and they instantly begin to multiply and multiply till there’s a ton of them. Then the antibodies in our blood capture the germs and hold them down so the white blood cells can kill them!!

It’s like having a little army of white soldiers in our blood stream to go to battle for us! Blood is our best defender against germs and other invaders in our bodies.

Do you see what this means? It means that even in the natural world God is showing us He wants to heal us, and that sickness and disease are our enemies. We never have to wonder if God is using sickness and disease to teach us something or to punish for something we’ve done. Those are lies of the Enemy! He’s for us and not against us. God designed our bodies to heal themselves!

Confidence to Stand on His Promises

Why is this important? Because if we can be sure that God wants us healthy, then we know when we or someone we love gets attacked with sickness, we can have the confidence to turn to the Lord for help! We can stand on His promises that he wants us to live and not die and declare the glory of the Lord! If it wasn’t God’s will to heal us, there would be no reason to pray for healing! Not only did he design our bodies to heal themselves, but he gave us the extra power of healing in the blood of Jesus. So, when our bodies are not strong enough to do it alone, we can call on the name and blood of Jesus to come to our rescue and heal us.

There’s one other place in the Bible that is an example of Healing in the blood, and that’s in the Old Testament on the night of the Passover. Do you remember when God was going to deliver the Jews from slavery in Egypt, and the night they were to leave, God told them to take the blood of an innocent lamb and spread it over the doorposts of their homes. Why? Because the death angel was going to pass through that night and kill the firstborn sons of anyone who was not UNDER the protection of the Blood.

Hyssop a Symbol of Healing

But you know something very few preachers ever mention? What did God tell the Jews to use to paint the blood on the doors? It wasn’t a bundle of wheat. It wasn’t flowers, it wasn’t a broom or a paintbrush. He told them to take HYSSOP, dip it in the blood, and use it to smear the blood on the doors. “So, what?” you might say. Well, guess what? Hyssop was a well know plant used in ancient times for medicine! Yes! MEDICINE! So symbolically when they dipped the hyssop in the blood, they were dipping medicine or a symbol of HEALING IN THE BLOOD! Isn’t that cool? The blood of that Passover lamb was symbolic of the blood of Jesus that would come centuries later. But using hyssop was just another small sign God was showing us that there’s healing in the blood!

There’s much more that goes with this lesson, and if you would like to know more, this comes from my curriculum called THERE’S POWER IN THE BLOOD. There are 13 fascinating lessons to teach kids all about the blood of Jesus starting in Genesis and going through Revelation and taking a detailed journey through the tabernacle with the animal sacrifices and so much more!

Well, that’s the lesson. I hope you will share it with your kids either at home or in children’s church! Fear has to go when we are confident that it’s God’s will to heal us, and that there’s power in the blood.

We have used this curriculum in our children’s church and nothing before or since has impacted our kids quite like this.” Tina Berg

“I have read many books pertaining to the Blood, but I must say, I never really understood the Covenant that we have through our salvation until reading this curriculum.” Jody Gafford

“This is an excellent resource with lessons like you’ve never heard taught before. These teachings will even speak to the adults in the audience. You won’t go wrong with this one. A priceless tool to have!” Mel,

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