Kids Know Very Little About The Holy Spirit

Kids Know Very Little About the Holy Spirit!

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There’s a huge push right now in the children’s ministry world to emphasize how Jesus appears in some way in every book of the Bible. And that’s great! One curriculum I love for younger children is titled “The Jesus Storybook Bible: Where Every Story Whispers His Name.” I love it!

It’s important to teach kids that the Bible is one big story of the plan of salvation for mankind from the very beginning of creation and it revolves around Jesus.

It’s important that children are able to connect the dots in the Bible and not just hear disconnected Bible stories throughout their lives.

But what about the role our Father God plays in this? Oh, the children hear us say “God” created the heavens and the earth. But what role does He play in the plan of salvation? Doesn’t He show up in every book of the Bible? Without Him, there would be no salvation! He is the Master designer, the one who designed the great plan of Salvation, and it gets personal because He has a plan for our lives.

And what about the Holy Spirit? He too shows up throughout the Bible in many ways from creation to Revelation. But few parents or kids ministers ever bring Him into the picture. But in truth, it’s the Holy Spirit that comes into our hearts when we ask Jesus to forgive our sins and be our Lord. He’s the one who dwells in us. It’s the Holy Spirit who speaks to us and leads and guides us on a daily basis. It’s the Holy Spirit that empowers us to live a godly life pleasing to the Lord and empowers us to do God’s will.

But my experience over 30 years of kids ministry is that kids know a lot about Jesus.
They know a little about the Father God.
But they know almost nothing about the Holy Spirit!
When do we plan on telling them?

The trinity can be a very hard concept to explain. Even we adults struggle to grasp the mystery. But more than ever before our children must be introduced to the Holy Spirit while they are young. They must learn how important He is to our salvation, but also in our daily lives.

Make a point of talking about the Holy Spirit in your homes regularly with your own children. If you are a kids’ minister, preach and teach on the Holy Spirit often. Please understand I am all in on this push about Jesus. COUNT ME IN!!!

I think this push about Jesus is vitally important and a really good thing! In no way am I trying to minimize it. But just perhaps if we only emphasize Jesus, could it potentially be a little off-balance? Some surveys have said a large percentage of teens don’t even believe He is real. Let’s get started early to educate our young ones about the Holy Spirit.

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