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Recently, I got a message from someone who is longing to see a move of God in her children the way we testify that is happening all over the world in our ministry, and in a growing number of others. Yes, we see amazing things on a regular basis. But it starts small, and we don’t see do we see Holy Ghost shake downs in every service. Sometimes they are very quiet and undemonstrative. Sometimes they are flat out boring duds as it relates to exciting spiritual activity. But we keep at it.

When we do, we do see a steady hunger and interest in our kids when the right things are in play. Do we have 100% success in all our services and PowerClubs? Absolutely not. It’s a lot like parenting–even when you do everything right, there is no guarantee your kids will grow up to serve God. But to not do anything to disciple, equip, train, and teach you children about the things of God, is a guarantee for failure. So with the right training and the right tools, change can be made.

Here was the heart cry of one person:

“Becky,we have a small spirit filled school with 48 kids. We have worship every day, have prayed for years for the kids and daily speak God’s truth to them. We just aren’t seeing a whole bunch of fruit; the kind you are seeing. They aren’t taking the initiative and walking in the spirit. They aren’t the ones crying out for more. They seem to leave the time of worship unchanged. We have asked the Holy Spirit and followed His leading, but nothing seems to be changing. We get little glimpses of the spirit at work. Any advice? Rae”

Rae, you have the vision, but my guess is you don’t have the tools. To have a move of God and create hunger in your kids it takes training, and the right teaching materials. We train people all over the world, and we find unless they take the training, and use the right curriculums, nothing happens no matter how much vision they have.

While it may sound very self-serving, all I can say is you need to take your entire team through our basic course “PowerClubs Training School.” You may look at some of the session titles, and think “Oh, we already know that stuff.” But I will guarantee you, you don’t know the nuances and unique approach we take. That’s where I would start.

Once you have gone through that, seriously, start using our materials—0ur curriculums. They are life-changing. No other curriculum publishers can say that to the same degree we can. THEY ARE LIFE-CHANGING. But, without the training course, you will still get limited results. You need both.

That’s all I can tell you. The rest is up to you.

IndiaHere are some testimonies of PowerClub leaders who had a slow start in their ministries, and it took time to see growth in their children. But slowly,it began to happen.

Monica from India writes:

We have led our Powerclub in the slums here in India for three years. We’ve had our ups and downs. I believe that God has His hands on these kids, and if He has a plan for them, then no man can come against it. I can really see the glory of God on them and I can see them mature. God is giving me the grace to be faithful because he loves them.

Some kids come just as hardcore Hindus, with the tikas on their foreheads, and they probably never heard of Jesus. But today, when I see them closing their eyes and lifting their hands, and now even praying in tongues, it is very encouraging. That boosts our faith. I really thank God for this Divine opportunity to lead a PowerClub. I can really see God at work in them. So I really thank God from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity.

Karen wrote:

We have had a power club for 3 years. In the beginning it was a real struggle. We didn’t have a focus or a plan. We just went with the flow as God was leading. Also, the parents were just taking it lightly. They would bring the children but they wouldn’t feel serious about it. But now the parents are really working to see that this [way of ministry] works. They don’t want to see any cracks in the wall.

Parents have spoken about how much fruit they see in their children and how much they really appreciate the PowerClub. They are motivating their children and they are supporting us. Even the fathers are now taking interest. There was one mother who had just come to the Lord when we started, and her husband was not a Christian. Now he is encouraging the child to come, and he comes along to special meetings, and is coming forward.

The children are maturing. They are choosing God in everyday life. They say things that we couldn’t imagine that they would come up with. The children are choosing God and they are wanting to go out and speak to others about him. They are convinced that he is the only way, and they want him we have not had any major Miracles, but the love of God is in their hearts.

If you are hungry for a move of God, and spiritual maturity in your kids, please check out our training course.



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