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Kids in Pakistan Are Hearing God’s Voice!

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SumairaTestimonies continue to roll in about what God is doing in the lives of children all over the world through our PowerClubs! What an HONOR to have one of our first PowerClub graduates from Pakistan last year, Sumaira Shoukat. This beautiful young lady trained with me over Facebook to become a certified PC graduate! Her ministry has since exploded, and she reaches dozens and dozens of children in the Brick factories there, and neighborhoods and more. We found a treasure when we found Sumaira. Here’s what she said about the course:

“From my school days, I was a member of the worship team, then Sunday school teacher, and after a few years, I started my own Kids ministry. The reason of starting my own ministry was, I was not satisfied with the Sunday school pattern and activities. I want to do something more and better, and for this I needed freedom to make decisions about kids’ activities.

In the beginning, I faced many problems regarding my kids’ ministry, but I had a strong faith in God, that He will help me to do something different and better for the kids. My family supported me, and still supporting me for ministry’s needs.

Praying PakistaniI used Google, YouTube and other searching sites to find good curriculum and material for kids. Again, I was not satisfied with the activities, and I had no resources to buy curriculum from the internet. Our God is great, He knows what we need. One night I found KIMI’s website from the internet. I visited the website, watched some videos, and visited sister Becky’s Facebook page. It was a great time on that night. I was shocked to see those kids in videos. This was totally different from my country, on that time I realized, that this I was looking for. Nobody is equipping children like this, this will be totally different in Pakistan.

From the day, I started this course, and started to practice sister Becky’s activities with my kids, my kids’ ministry is not the same like before. It’s totally changed. I’m feeling so blessed and satisfied. Kids are so happy and excited, they are learning God’s words in an amazing and different way. Most important thing, my Sunday school Kids bringing their friends in our services, so my ministry is growing very quickly.

PakistanThe totally different thing for most of the parents, kids know how to pray, how to pray for a sick, how to worship, and now I’m preparing some Kids to deliver a short sermon. These all things you can see on my Facebook page, that’s how God is blessing my Kids ministry . This all happened, just because of sister Becky and her team. I have no words to express my feelings, just want to say KIMI is awesome, there is no better than KIMI.”

PakistaniSumaira is leading several PowerClubs in Pakistan. What makes PowerClubs so different than other children’s ministries? In a nutshell, we go beyond the Bible stories and give kids the meat of God’s word, equip them to do the supernatural works of Jesus, and bring them regularly into the presence of God. Isn’t that what all children’s ministries should do?

Learn more about PowerClubs here.

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