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Gods-Special-Gift.jpgDo your kids love magic, casting spells, etc.? Sit down today and read Acts 8 together. I love to his story! Simon the Sorcerer was famous for all his magic tricks in Samaria. So famous they called him “the Great One–the Power of God!” But when when he saw the miracles that the disciples performed, even he was astounded. Obviously whatever they were doing was significantly greater than anything he had ever done.

But it was when he saw them lay hands on people to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit that’s when he flew into action offering them money if they would give him this power!

What power? What did he see that so impressed him? All the scripture says is “When Simon saw that the Spirit was given when the discples laid their hands on people, he offered them money to buy this power. Let me have this power too so that when I lay my hands on people they will receive the Holy Spirit.”

He saw something incredibly significant. He wasn’t asking for money to open blind eyes or make the lame to walk. He wasn’t asking for the power to heal the sick or cast out devil’s even though those things amazed him

No, he wanted the power to lay hands on people and see them filled with the Holy Spirit. WHAT DID HE SEE THAT WAS MORE POWERFUL THAN THOSE OTHER MIRACLES?

The same thing we see–the power of God visibly shaking people, tears running down their faces, giving glory to God while speaking in tongues– languages they had never learned.

simon-the-sorcerer.jpgTALK TO YOUR KIDS ABOUT THIS! The devil has no power with all it’s magic and spells and “cool” tricks that even compares to the power of the Holy Spirit! Everything the devil has is a cheap counterfeit to what God has. But his counterfeit is everywhere!!! Our kids are surrounded by it, and if we are not proactive, they will happily buy into the world’s choice. Protect your children by telling them the truth!

Christians blindly lap up magic and witchcraft that is clothed in robe of entertainment thinking it’s harmless and nothing will come of it. I’d be willing to bet the producers of this video game series had some back ground in the Church. How otherwise would they ever know about Simon the Sorcerer? Let’s inform our children of the REAL power of God–the power of the Holy Spirit! They can have it too, while they are little!

Then pray with your child right on the spot to be filled with the Holy Spirit. If he/she is already filled then begin worshiping and glorifying God in tongues right then!

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