Kids Impacted By Hearing Gods Voice

Kids Impacted by Hearing God’s Voice!

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Focus High PriestThis time of year is when there are children’s ministry conferences going on all across the USA across denominational lines. We take as many of our curriculums and resources as possible and sell them to the churches at these events.

For three years in a row, I have been invited to be a workshop track speaker for the Church of God denomination. In just three short years, kids pastor are already coming back to us every year with testimonies of how their entire children’s ministry and the kids have been transformed because of using our curriculums. Hearing these testimonies is one of the things I value most.

Kevin EdgingtonLast year, Kevin Edgington from Cornerstone Church of God in Lebanon, Ohio shared that even their bus kids were just going ballistic over the lessons in our Hearing God’s Voice curriculum. He said they don’t come from a Christian background at all yet they are understanding and loving it!
This year Daniel Wiley, children’s pastor from Spirit Life Church in Georgia, also shared the revival has broken out in their kids ministry just by teaching his kids from this curriculum! Kids are waking up in the middle of the night to pray for their parents!

Josh and Ashley-WinnersWinners of the Free Curriculum Drawing

Josh and Ashley Harrison from St. Louis, MO were the winners of a free KIMI curriculum this year in our drawing. They had been using most of our curriculums for years already. Once again they shared it was the Hearing God’s Voice curriculum that has made an unbelievable impact on the kids in their church as well as the bus kids who come from non-church backgrounds! They all are transformed because of it.
Praise God that He does speak to children. He has not left them out. Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice.” No matter how young or how old, every child needs to be taught how to hear the voice of their Shepherd!

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