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Early in my children’s ministry, I spontaneously began teaching what excited me about God. Somebody forgot to tell me they couldn’t grasp anything but Bible stories. I didn’t get the memo. As I spent time learning from the apostolic healing ministers, Charles and Francis Hunter, I taught everything I had learned to the children in my church. Healings began breaking out in the families of our church as the children prayed for their family members. It was my first exposure to kids who heal the sick.

One of the most memorable was when a little four-year-old boy named Kyle laid hands on his mother one day at home. She had a headache and was lying on the couch. Mom guided his chubby little hands to her eyes saying, “Lay your hands here, Kyle, because that is where the headache has settled.”

Go in Jesus’ Name!

He began to pray just like we had taught him in children’s church. He was to command the sickness to go just like Matthew 17:20 instructed us. We are to speak to the mountain and command it to go. We had taught the children to speak to cancer and command it to go. Speak to diabetes and say, “Diabetes, go, in Jesus name!”

Kyle laid his hands on mom’s eyes and spoke with authority, “Eyes, be gone in the name of Jesus!!!”

“No, Kyle—the headache! Speak to the headache!” Mom laughed. But the headache left anyway. God knew how to interpret and answer a four year old’s imperfect prayer.

 Magnets for the Supernatural

Kids are magnets for the supernatural. They are drawn to the miraculous like a moth is drawn to the light. That’s by God’s design. It’s in childhood that a person’s faith level is the highest. We need to take advantage of that. Teach them while they are still teachable, and still want to imitate you and other adults in their lives. That means teaching them at very young ages, and you too will have kids who heal the sick.

Every parent who already believes in healing in the name of Jesus can quickly and easily mentor their child to heal the sick. This is Christian parenting 101—teach your kids to do what the Bible says. Because their faith is still high (that infamous faith of a child), you will see miracles. The more miracles you see at younger ages, the easier it is to believe at older ages. It will be harder for others and the devil to convince them God does not answer prayers.

Hunger for the Supernatural

Even if your kids are older, it’s never too late to engage them in the supernatural life of Jesus. Notice how interested this generation of children are in movies and books about witchcraft, ghosts and goblins, etc. That’s a natural hunger God placed in this Joel 2:28 generation. One reason our own kids gravitate to these topics is because they love the realm of fantasy and magic. Healing the sick in Jesus’ name is anything but fantasy. It’s for real! When you engage kids in the real supernatural (beef steak), the make-believe has less attraction (bologna). But set the example in the home, and make it a family “activity” (the better word is ‘ministry’)and it becomes a natural part of “this is what we do in this family.” You need to do this especially if they are not being taught these things in the children’s ministry at your church. But getting it in both environments makes an even deeper impression.

Make Opportunities

But then make sure you provide them with plenty of opportunities to exercise their faith. If you pray with people at church for the sick, make sure you find your children and include them in what you are doing. If you go outside the church and visit sick people, or visit the hospital, take your children with you. Mentor them in praying for the sick the way we see it in the Bible. Make it a normal way of life, and you will be surprised at what happens. You will see for yourself  kids who heal the sick.

We have a chapter full of stories in my book, “Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century“. Also another great book of healing stories is in “Children and the Supernatural” by Jennifer Toledo. Check out our healing curriculums, manuals, and CD teachings.

Please comment here and share with us the wonderful testimonies of what has happened when your children have prayed for the sick.

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