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WorshipI was a part of a church once that was known for it’s incredible praise and worship. In fact, musicians from all over the nation flocked to this church to get their chance to be on the praise and worship team.

I tried numerous times to get some of them to commit to doing the praise and worship in our children’s church. But the most commitment I could get was once a month because they were all afraid of missing their opportunity to play with the main worship team. So I had rotating teams.

I was very appreciative of this, however, it was hard to establish a real consistent flow in worship when each team had their own style, and were never around our kids long enough to really be able to connect and help us go consistently deep.

Amazing Kids Worship Leaders

There actually are some amazing high caliber musicians who have given their lives to this  such as Yancy, Jeff McCullough, and others. But it’s so rare…and frustrating. I have lived most of my children’s pastoring years using CDs and videos, and it can be done, but it’s much harder to have a deep move of God just by putting a song on repeat for 15 minutes.

My observation has been that Christian musicians don’t want to “waste” their time with kids worship, because the perception is it’s all “kiddie” stuff. It’s all like “Father Abraham” and what you might find in a preschool Sunday School class.

Kids Can Go Deep

The truth is, kids can go deep in worship—sometimes deeper than adults. Musicians don’t have to sacrifice the presence of God at all by using their gifts with kids. I find it hard to believe that with 1/3 of the world’s population being under the age of 15 that God has not called more musicians to children’s ministry.

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