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The Spirit of the Lord says, “There shall be upper room experiences that shall come. There shall be experiences that shall take place similar to the day of Pentecost. Suddenly, My people shall become relevant to a culture that has separated itself from the religious, from dullness, from death. There shall be an upper room experience as on the day of Pentecost. No religious activity.

“But My Spirit shall once again give young men and women tongues of fire. They shall become relevant to this generation. It’s already started. It’s too late,” says the Spirit. “They have been born, and the generation that Satan tried to abort has survived. For every one child that he took out through legalized abortion, I have given two in their place. And those two have survived. And for every one that died before their time, there shall be five in their stead. For one Sally, there shall be five. And for one that died, this was a seed that went into the ground, and I will raise up five in their place.”

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions
Dec. 31, 2004

“You said revival must take place in the church, but the Spirit of the Lord says I’m not going to do it any longer in the church. I’m going to do it within your schools and in your colleges. What’s going to happen says the Spirit of the Lord is I’m going to take the ones that are marked with anger and those are the ones that I have marked as the evangelist of the colleges and evangelist of the schools. I’m going to go to the kindergarten schools. I’m going to the children, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 year olds and I’m going to fill them with the Spirit right there in child care. I’m going to fill them with my Spirit.
And it is going to break forth in the schools and God says they’re going to run into this house and run into that house because I’m going to change the political arena. Prayer and praise will suddenly be re-instated and God says they will not pray like they used to pray. The dead old prayer to the dead old god is over says the Lord. They are going to pray to the Jesus that was risen from the dead. I’m going to bring my force and I’m going to raise them up in this end time says the Lord.”

August 8 (Without Walls International Church in Tampa, FL)

The spirit of the Lord, says, “listen to me! Families of America, is it not true the enemy has endeavored to break and to destroy the families on the earth? But I rest my case as I tell you that your sons and your daughters shall emerge as prophets and priests. They shall emerge and take by force. And that which the enemy has violently claimed from the parents of these children, they will arise, says the Lord. They shall arise and they shall take by force that which the enemy took away from their fathers and their forefathers. The blood cries out, but the spirit of the Lord says look at your children, even the unborn and you watch them rise up says the Lord.

For they shall arise and take by force; they shall not be afraid, they shall not be timid, they shall not be afraid. They shall take what is rightfully theirs and they will say, This is ours! They will storm the gates of hell! They will storm the gates of hell! says the Lord. Your Children shall do it! Therefore rejoice America, for I am raising up young ones like Samuel that shall break down the spirits of the east, says the Lord.

October 3, 2003 TBN (Hendersonville, Tennessee)

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