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Kids in Ministry International Kim Clement #2

A Word to the Children

by Kim Clement

Prophetic Image Expressions
Given June 24, 2005 – Anaheim, CA

The Spirit of the Lord says, there shall be an acceleration of the arts in your children. I will take them as a generation and send them to invade the industry that has been possessed by perversion and controlled by the sinful nature of man. In this place I will give you building just for the purpose of training and anointing young men and young women to take the kingdom by force. And they shall say, where did these children come from wandering around doing nothing?

Moses, what is that that you have in your hand? It is a rod. No, it is not. Throw it down, and I’ll show you what you have in your hand. You laugh at the children of this generation, saying they have sticks and stones and no religious swords. I took David’s mighty men and they slew hundreds with just a few stick and a few stones. David, what do you have in your hand? A stone. Then use it to bring down the force that is intimidating the children of Israel and my people, says the Lord of Hosts. Bring it down by one strike.

I must take the altars of this nation and purify them. They have defiled it by the nonsense of predictability. I want it to be an unaccountable impulse again. I want to turn up any time that I want. And so I’m cleansing every altar, and this shall not be a sprinkle. It shall be an overflowing that shall come from a small bottle. Yes, a little well shall suddenly produce hundreds of thousands of gallons of purifying water. Listen to the spirit of the Lord, for you have looked to the top and to the best. But I’m raising from the caves and then from the back street alleys. I’m taking from the places that you never dreamed I’d take them and I’m going to raise them up and from a small bottle. I’m going to bring forth water like never before to cleanse the pulpits of this hour.

A medical scientific thing shall take place very soon. I’m not talking about the miraculous that’s happening all the time. Unannounced or announced, I am performing . . . the impossible supernatural interventions of God are taking place every minute of the day. But there are also miraculous medical cures and, suddenly, leukemia shall no longer have its sting upon this generation of young people because of the medical discovery and the breakthrough, says the Lord.

The Release of Children, as heard on Trinity Broadcasting Network, July 11, 2005
by Kim Clement
(Transcribed and posted with permission)
Prophetic Image Expressions


“We release the children. I prophesy to the families of this nation: Your children shall be raised with a unique anointing, with a unique translation and interpretation of the things of the Spirit.

“I pray that what happened on the day of Pentecost will happen again, that tongues of fire will come upon them and they will speak a language that is relevant to each nation that they are called to.

“For the man that is a lunatic on the other side, we commission him as the missionary. There is a brand new group of missionaries being raised up in the Kingdom right now; they are our children and our children




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