Kim Clement #3

Kids in Ministry International Kim Clement #3

Kim Clement – In 2006, God says, “I will now multiply the anointing on the ages from 8 to 17. They shall become the voices to this Nation”

January 12, 2006
San Jose, CA

Kim Clement prophesied, “The Spirit of the Lord says that there has been an attack planned against the children, and the enemy has not won at all. And now because of this, you said that multiplication shall begin.”

And God says, “I will now multiply the anointing on the ages from 8 to 17. They shall suddenly arise.” Did you hear what the Spirit of God says? He will anoint between the ages of 8 and 17 in an unusual fashion this year. Look at your children, look at your grandchildren, look at your great-grandchildren. For God said, “I will raise them up, and they shall become the voices to this Nation,” says the Lord.

God says that your shout is penetrating the atmosphere. Your shout is penetrating poverty. Your shout is penetrating sickness. Your shout is penetrating discord. Your shout is penetrating witchcraft. Your shout is penetrating darkness. Your shout is breaking the powers that have held you back!

Your shout is penetrating the mountain that has stood before you. In 2006, I will multiply; there will be no more delays. What you have waited for shall be granted before the summer of 2006. Your shout is breaking through the fire, breaking the limitations! Your shout is destroying the accuser of the brethren, breaking the power of the accuser of the brethren.

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