Do You Talk To Your Kids About The Kingdom Of Darkness

Do You Talk to Your Kids About the Kingdom of Darkness?

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Do You Talk to Your Kids About the Kingdom of Darkness?

One of the things that most disturbs be about Christians today–particularly our children and youth–is they have no concept of God’s kingdom of light, and they believe the Satan and the Kingdom of darkness is make-believe. Even worse they the Kingdom of darkness as more exciting and more fun than God’s kingdom. Why do I say that? Just look at the books they read and the movies they watch.

For some reason Satan and darkness seem to fascinate people–adults and kids alike. Spooky shows and spooky music, dark places, sinister story lines, and video games. Satan has been extremely successful at making things of darkness seem so appealing to all ages, but especially our youth.

Fascinatingly, according to Barna Group research, 53% of today’s teens do not believe Satan is real. They think he is a figment of our imagination and just a symbol of evil. What sitting ducks they are for buying into that element of entertainment and thinking it’s just harmless fun.

We Don’t Want to Scare them!

A lot of Christian parents totally avoid discussions with their children on the devil and demons, etc, because they don’t want to scare them,or because they think the subject matter is too mature for them. But we need a wake-up call, because the world is not wasting any time educating our kids in witchcraft, magic, casting spells, levitation, astral projection, talking to the dead, and much more.

But it’s not enough just to keep our kids from those things. We must open discussions about what the Bible says about them. Be real with them. Read them the stories in the Bible of what happened to King Saul when he went to a witch and made her call up a dead prophet so he could talk to him. It wasn’t pretty.

This is a perfect season to bring these subjects up in age-appropriate ways, because Disney’s doing it. Nickelodian is doing it. Toys R Us is doing it. Publishers of kids books are doing it. Their friends at school are doing it. And we Christians are keeping silent—even in our churches!

What are your thoughts? Do you just hide these things form your children, or do you pro-actively discuss what the Bible says about them? And what are the results?

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