Lana Vawser

Kids in Ministry International Lana Vawser

Lana VawserLana Vawser
Brisbane, Australia

“I also felt the Lord saying that there will be encounters with Jesus in children and schools as the people of God pray. The Lord is going to visit the children, they will have dreams and visions of Jesus. They will see His Word made manifest. Blueprints and revelations from heaven will be given TO THE CHILDREN and they will begin to speak out all they see and there will be great breakthrough released into the United States in the area of creativity and economy that will come through the mouths of babes.”

“I also saw that in these encounters children will be having with the Lord, there will be healings on the increase and testimonies of Jesus arising. Jesus meeting children in their dreams, in their homes and bringing healing to bodies and hearts. Children meeting Jesus in their dreams and seeing the Gospel truth and telling their friends and families of the Jesus they met, and salvations exploding.”


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