I Left The Church At Age Six-Chelsea Clinton

I Left the Church at Age Six – Chelsea Clinton

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Chelsea ClintonBefore you draw any erroneous conclusions, this is not a hit-piece on Chelsea Clinton. It just serves to prove a greater point. Parents and church leaders all too frequently believe we should never talk to our children about “grown-up” issues. “They are too young, too innocent to hear all of that bad stuff. Let them enjoy their childhood!”

The problem is the world is not waiting. Not only was this beautfiul young woman a part of our Sunday Schools at one time, obviously her parents were actively training and educating their daughter from a young innocent age on the serious issues of abortion. (Please note: we are not talking about abortion here either, so don’t post any comments about it.)

We are talking about parents and churches taking children seriously as disciples of Christ and from young ages teaching them the truth from the Bible on issues that affect our societies and cultures. Did you know the “experts” say you should begin talking to your children about politics by the ripe old age of eight? Eight. Eight. Eight. Did you get that? When they are just little kids.

When does the church typically start talking to our kids about culturally relevant topics, giving them biblical answers to the humanistic rhetoric they are hearing all around them from their preschool ages on up? Almost never. We tell them Jesus loves them over, and over, and over again and they think that’s all there is to the message of the Bible. We leave them vulnerable and defenseless against the anit-christ messages being sent to them everyday.

We’ve nearly lost one generation—the Millennials. Less than 15% are serving Christ. Yet a far larger segment of them attended our Sunday Schools as children just like Chelsea did. We are getting a new chance with a new generation. But we don’t have much time, and for the most part we have not learned our lessons.

We’ve got to get our heads out of the sand. We’ve got to change our strategy of family discipleship and how we minister to children in our churches. Chelsea clearly understood the issues at age 6. And she had already decided which side of the topic she was on.

We can help. Check out our resources here: http://buff.ly/2hbWuAM

Here’s the full sotry about Chelsea’s comments: http://buff.ly/2hbYVDD

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