Equipping the Little Saints

Why should we be equipping little saints? Christian kids should be exposed to as many areas of ministry as possible so by the time they’re adults they know exactly [...]

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There are Seers Among Us

There are seers living in our homes today. They are having dreams, and visions, and sometimes nightmares. They are intuitive beyond their years. And they have been gifted by [...]

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Forever Grateful for What I Learned in SSCM!

I’m so proud and pleased to announce one more certified graduate of the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry — Jessica Berry, from North Carolina. Jessica is an amazing children’s [...]

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REGISTER NOW!!!! Just the latest incredible testimony from one of our current students in the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry. Are you next? “I am currently studying in the [...]

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Kids, Magic, and Witchcraft

‘CAN YOU HELP ME? This was the plea of a little boy to one of our PowerClub girls in Kenya. It seems this little boy was being tormented by [...]

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A Crisis in our Churches!

Just in case you didn’t know it, there’s a crisis in our churches and very few people are talking about it. While numbers may slightly vary, survey after survey [...]

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Pastor Credits Ministry Training to PowerClubs

“ALL OF MY TRAINING FOR MINISTRY HAS BEEN THROUGH THE POWERCLUB PROGRAMME!” This is the testimony of Douglas, a new pastor in Ghana. He attended one of our PowerClubs [...]

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Boy Quits Sniffing Glue!

FILIPINO BOY QUITS SNIFFING GLUE AFTER ATTENDING A KIMI POWERCLUB! Sniffing glue, and other cheap products, is extremely common in children in poor countries which produces intoxication or hallucinations. [...]

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THIS WEEK MY NATION, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, WILL BE CELEBRATING ITS INDEPENDENCE DAY. Expect us to make a big deal out of it because we love our [...]

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Christian Leaders Don’t Teach Their Own Kids

Today Christian parents all over the world will go to church, and even take their kids. But the shocking thing is when they leave, they will seldom if ever [...]

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