Pamela Ayres

KIMI Ambassador at Large and Founder of PowerClubs

PC cup PamelaMeet Pamela Ayres from Yorktown, Virginia. Pamela’s gifts have made room for her in Kids in Ministry International through her loyal and faithful service through the years and she is our official Ambassador at Large for KIMI.

Founder of PowerClubs in the Nations

It was Pamela who first caught the vision of establishing PowerClubs in the nations when Becky sent her on her first solo trip to Kenya. She has tirelessly worked to development the pattern of PowerClub services and the method of training their leaders in developing nations where the needs and availability of resources is very limited. Pamela facilitates many of the foreign translations of KIMI curriculums, editing them to be fit for simpler cultures for PowerClub leaders so that they can have materials in their languages to teach from.

 154415_3664010488728_960848906_nShe Wears Many Hats

It’s hard to put Pamela in any category in KIMI. There is so much that she does and is in the leadership team. She is a mentor to many of our leaders. She is our primary intercessor, and faithful leader of intercessory prayer teams. She is a prophetic voice into KIMI and many of the ideas that we use and implement came through her prophetic voice. But her first love is PowerClubs and the nations.

She has been able to cross denominational boundaries and represent KIMI in a variety of places and ways from the 4/14 Movement, Voice for the Martyrs, and the US Center for World Missions speaking at some of their international events.

 How Pamela Came into KIMI

Pamela Ayres was in women’s prison ministry when the Lord thrust her into children’s work through Becky Fischer in her local church. She had tried children’s ministry years before, but become discouraged because she had no training and no direction.

She hesitantly sat in the back of Becky’s children’s services until the Holy Spirit gripped her, and she became captured with the vision of equipping children to walk in the supernatural power of God. She then mentored directly under Becky for a year, then began accompanying her on missions trips to train national leaders. Until then “PowerClub” was merely the name Becky had chosen for their local church ministry. But when she was asked to go out on her first solo mission trip to Kenya, it was there the idea of training others to do children’s ministry exploded in her spirit. Naturally they should be called PowerClubs.

From that moment till today, Pamela has never stopped her pursuit of training others to capture a generation for Christ. The spread of PowerClubs through the nations has largely been the result of Pamela’s vision and efforts. She has since written a 16 wk curriculum for KIMI called “Jesus Our Messiah” and a PowerClub training book called “Teach Me to Know My God.” She co-taught the original classes in KIMI’s School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry, and for years helped teach in the annual family conferences KIMI conducts each year.

Please Support Pamela

2012-profile-usPamela and her very supportive husband, Nathan, live in Yorktown, Virginia. Pamela raises most of her own support for her PowerClubs and under girds many of the international projects and PowerClubs she has raised up herself. If you would like to help her continue to spread the vision, please do by clicking here.





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