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Can you hear them?

It’s the nearly 15 million children of Myanmar (Burma) who have never heard the name of Jesus who are calling for help and hope.

By the time you read this, I will be on a plane to the “Golden Land” littered with Buddhist temples to stake our claim in the heart of Asia. Our purpose is to once again train pastors and children’s workers how to more effectively reach the children with the supernatural gospel of Jesus Christ. Persecution of Christians as well as Muslims, is still very real.

CBN News (700 Club) reported that there are many people coming to Christ in Burma that children are leading the way in those numbers. Karen Orphans pour out their hearts, raising their hands and voices in collective praise to God. The children are refugee Christians who have been chased into neighboring Thailand by the Burmese military.

“These kids just love the Lord,” said Patrick Klein, president of Vision Beyond Borders. “Even in the midst of all the death and destruction, Jesus is so real to these kids and to all these refugees that are flooding into Thailand.”

Wes Flint, a Vision Beyond Border team member, was touched by the children’s ability to forgive their persecutors. “These children who have been so brutally and viciously attacked, their faithfulness and their commitment to Jesus Christ are teaching me in my Christian walk so to not hold anger or animosity towards those who have persecuted me.”

“Just hearing their stories is heartbreaking,” Klein added. “One little boy, his mother was sick. She was raped right in front of him and then killed by the soldiers, Burmese soldiers and then they killed his father. They shot his father and while he was still alive, they set him on fire.”

Burma has more child soldiers than any other nation. Burma’s army preys on children, using threats, intimidation and often violence to force young boys to become soldiers. To be a boy in Burma today means facing the constant risk of being picked up off the street, forced to commit atrocities against villagers, and never seeing your family again. At least 20% of the soldiers are said to be under the age of 16.

My co-worker, Pamela Ayres, and I will join an amazing apostolic leader who oversees thousands of pastors and churches in Burma, Thailand, Laos, and even in China. He has already translated two of our KIMI children’s church curriculums into the Burmese language, overseeing the project himself. He absolutely loves our material and hopes to get it into the underground church in China as well some day.

Will you please pray for us as we go? We’ll be there for two weeks speaking in churches and meeting with 100 pastors about the importance of children’s ministry, then doing a three day PowerClub training. This will be our first time going into a restricted nation, so it’s unclear at this point how establishing PowerClubs will be able to work outside of churches for evangelistic outreach. But we want to help them know it is possible to train children for signs and wonders and miracles.

God supernaturally provided for the funds for this trip. But we are believing that we will be able to establish permanent PowerClub ministry which will mean ongoing financial support form us to continue to print and translate our materials. Will you please pray about supporting this great work in Burma?

Again, please keep us in your prayers for this great new adventure.

Your fellow servant, 

Becky Fischer 

Kids in Ministry International
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