The Passover Seder Is Import To Christians

The Passover Seder Is Important to Christians!

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Celebrating the Passover Seder can be A significant help to Christian Children. I WAS 12 YEARS OLD BEFORE I UNDERSTOOD THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE OLD TESTAMENT STORIES AND THE NEW. And I was in church and Sunday school every week. But it wasn’t until someone gave me a copy of the book by Henrietta Mears called “What the Bible is All About” that the lights came on.

The Passover Seder Connects the Dots Between Old & New Testaments

I wasn’t so different than kids today. That’s why participating in things like a Passover Seder meal is so significant. What Christian child understands that Moses crossing the Red Sea has something incredible to do with Jesus? What Christian child understands that the things God did in the Old Testament were prophetic pictures that symbolized what God did through Jesus and are for us today? I didn’t. Maybe I wasn’t too bright, but I don’t think so.
But that’s why holding celebrations like a Christian Seder Meal, based on what Jewish families do, are so vital. We’ve got the solution for you! I have written such a Seder meal and families and churches worldwide use this to train Christian children. The Seder is prophetically all about Jesus coming as our Savior.

The Passover Seder is for the Home and Church

One of my directors, KIMI Tennessee Lori Jane Hensley, holds a Seder meal in her home every year using our manual, A Christian Seder Meal for Church or Home. She has an unfair advantage, because she can show literal lambs such as was used in the original Passover, because she and her husband are goat farmers. But aside from that, Lori does an outstanding job of conducting a beautiful Seder meal for her kids.
This year Passover is from March 30 – April 6. Resurrection Day for us Christians is April 1. What a coincidence! And what a perfect time to do a Seder in your home or your children’s ministry. By visiting my blog you can peak inside and see a couple of pages of the manual.

This is a significant festival important to both Christians and Jews.

Our Christian kids need to know about it. It’s PASSOVER! Why is Passover important to the Jews? It’s because it commemorates the liberation of the children of Israel who were led out of Egypt by Moses. This has been a defining moment for Jewish people for centuries.

God told the Jewish people to always celebrate the Passover meal beginning with the night they were set free from slavery in Egypt. Also, the Passover meal was also the Last Supper Jesus ate with his disciples the night before his crucifixion.

But for Christians, it’s also very significant because it is a symbol of Jesus Christ liberating mankind from their sins and leading us out of spiritual bondage.

When our children understand this, it significantly connects the dots for them from the Old Testament to the New Testament. That’s a really big deal!

While many Jewish holidays revolve around the synagogue, the Seder is normally conducted in the family home. The words and rituals of the Seder are a primary vehicle for the transmission of the Jewish faith from grandparent or parent to child, i.e. from one generation to the next. What could be a better fit for a family to celebrate but our Christian Seder Meal for Kids and their Families? Think about adding this to your family celebration on or near Resurrection Day.

Why celebrate a Christian Seder Meal for Kids and their Families?

In the same spirit, we as Christians want to deliberately pass our faith from one generation to the next according to Psalms 145:4, “Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts.” Celebrating the Christian Seder Meal for Kids and their Families is one excellent way to do this.

This is a Jewish ceremony that focuses on the children — THE NEXT GENERATION! The Seder is more than just a meal. The word “Seder” means “order.” Thus, the Seder is a very orderly, structured event complete with a script of readings and prayers, intertwined with songs and actions. There are specific foods prepared in specific ways.

It is perfect for both families and children’s ministry, and a perfect event for parents and children to engage and learn together.

“Thank You so much for this Seder material – it made our Passover celebration best ever for all the church and one of my life desires came to pass – God bless You!!! I have to admit Your materials are so mature that we use it not only for kids but just for adults and every time they are blessed.” Inga, Poland

It’s not too late to order one now! Get the book, and get an instant PDF download of it, so you can begin preparing immediately for this great memorable event. Here’s the link: Click Here Now.

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