Pastors Rey & Alma Angana

Kids in Ministry International Pastors Rey & Alma Angana

PowerClubs Philippines Coordinators

After a three day PowerClub Training in January 2012 with over 245 pastors and children’s ministers becoming officially certified, the ministry of PowerClubs was officially launched another new nation. It was a experience ordained by God. It was immediately apparent that the right leaders to put in place as PowerClub coordinators were Bishop Rey and Alma Angana. They have pastored in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines for 16 years.

But their testimony after the PowerClub training was, “Now I am a new person in perception, walking in new ways of approach for kid’s ministry. Since we received the revelation concerning the plan of God for the children, it is always pumping inside of me to do more PowerClubs in our city. I have received an unusual passion to train others and share the vision, which I got from KIMI. Please pray for us always as we are in total shifting and have a total change of focus, which is the ministry for the children, and for a better tomorrow in this country. The teaching you gave us is more precious than any treasure I’ve ever heard of. It’s valuable, it’s great and it’s spiritual in the sense that money cannot buy it. I have said a lot here, but I cannot hold on the bubbling of my heart which is full of joy and thanksgiving for the success of the conference that has changed the lives of many ministers.”

The Angana’s are influential in an apostolic ministry with hundreds of other pastors in their fellowship. They are now our official PowerClub coordinators in the Philippines, and have personally launched four PowerClubs in their city. They regularly hold PowerClub Training events throughout the Philippines.  The Angana’s will be conducting more PowerClub trainings in the near future for anyone in the Philippines that is interested.

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