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This generation is highly sensitive to the spirit realm.

The Revivalists of God’s Apostolic Power and Authority

The Lord revealed to me that a new wave of revivalists has been launched and will continue to grow and multiply. The revivalists will emerge particularly (yet not completely) from the generation born between 1960 to 1990. They will be carrying powerful evangelistic, prophetic, apostolic and miracle working anointings. The apostolic sign of the raising of the dead will be performed through some of these revivalists.

The Revivalists of God’s Holiness

The Lord is also going to raise up the holiness revivalists again in this generation. They will release and manifest the holy presence of God in such a way that the fear of the Lord will fall on the Body of Christ. This will not be holiness that is produced through man’s agenda or through a code of law that attempts to produce righteousness but that which comes through the Spirit of God, delivered in a spirit of grace and truth. Prayer will be needed for these revivalists and what they carry to be accepted. They will bring forth a new paradigm. Potential unhealthy conflict might arise if it is not prayed into.

High Levels of Honor Required

The various streams of revival are to work together for the sake of the gospel as each one carries a piece. The Lord is calling for high levels of honor among them. Competition between them and judgment and criticism of each other will not be tolerated by the Lord. Tensions between them will potentially bring about clarity and enlargement of biblical theological interpretation when processed in a spirit of humility and peace.

Infants, Children and Young Teens

The Lord is imparting powerful gifting on the infants and young children and teens (ages 0-14). These will be in a generation who are highly sensitive to the realm of the spirit. Many of them will be strong leaders.


The Lord revealed that from the months of September – December 2004, there will be an unusual amount of conceptions in the Body of Christ. Many of these babies to be born between the months of June – September 2005 will be girls and will be named HARVEST . Their birth and name will be a prophetic statement regarding the revivalists that are emerging to lead the Body into the harvest season.

Patricia King
Extreme Prophetic Television
November 8, 2004


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