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In the mouths of babes the adversary will be silenced.

Editor’s note: This was a prophecy given specifically to Mark Brazee and his wife, Janet. However, we feel it has universal significance to the body of Christ as you compare it to the other prophecies in this site. There have been a number of children’s ministers who have been impacted very personally by this word. So if it witnesses with your heart, reach out and receive it.

“Last night in His presence, I saw something so clear. And this is what He said about what He showed me. He said by this move He would honor Himself. That He would honor Himself as a just God. That He would honor Himself as a merciful God. That He would bring glory to Himself.

“And the move that He was showing me was something so beautiful, and something so holy, and something so precious. Because His hand is being reached out and stretched out. But in this move He showed me that it would just be His hand. His hand would be at the end of an arm that would be extended. And that arm would be extended to embrace the children in the world. The children of the world. So that no one would be able to judge God in the end and point their finger to Him and say that He was not just. Because justice and mercy always precedes it. Mercy always precedes justice. And so a great move of mercy would go throughout the whole world amongst the children of the world.

“And even in this plan a whole move for child evangelism would be a great spoke. And so God will gather to Himself the children in the world. And those that have no name; those that have no home are going to be finding homes in these days. Because God is going to raise up homes and establishments all over the world to gather the children to Himself. And in this great move He will glorify and honor Himself as a Father. As a Father. And He will be a Father to the fatherless. And He will be a Father to those who have no home and who have no name.

“And so those who have thought that you have already raised your own and those that have even raised your children, will find yourself again rocking the babes. And will find yourselves again raising up little ones. But this time not just naturally. Because these little ones who have no purpose but just only to find their way to whatever food they can find. In these days, they’ll find the greatest purpose of all. For in these days, they’ll not only find a home, but in this home they will find great purpose. And God is reserving much anointing. God is reserving much equipment for these people. These little ones. And in the mouth of these little babes, the adversary will be silenced. And oh, there will be many who say, “These people are nothing. These little ones are nothing.” And they would have been ones that have been kicked aside. And they would have been the ones that the people have looked down upon.

“But oh, God is searching out these little ones. And out of their mouth will come great, great authority. And great, great prophecy. And great events will happen among these little children. The little children of the world. And so, and so, it’s a wonderful things that God will do in these days. Oh, not just one place here and not just one place there. But it will be multiplied over and over in this nation and around the world. And so the children will come, red and yellow, black and white, because they are precious in His sight. And they will march together these little feet. They will march together in a heavenly beat. And God will use these little ones as little keys and they will open great doors. And oh, even the enemy will not even look toward these as great, great possibilities.

“But God in these lives has given keys. And so, look into your heart. For even in these days, God is calling those to help raise up the little ones. And so, you will find yourself going and you will find yourself coming. And great love for those who were not born to you. Great love for those who did not come forth from you naturally. But there will be such great love, and oh, heaven’s doors will open to these and they will go in mass. And they will come in mass. And they will sing forth the praises of God. And they will see things that have been reserved for them. Because they were the least but God calls them the most. And those that have been thought of as the off scouring of the world, God looks at them and the very gold in His heart.

“And so, in these days, God will honor Himself in great moves. Oh, Asia, Asia, Asia (tongues) all the things that have happened have not been hid from the eyes of God. But He will break the arm of the oppressor and oh these things will come. And (tongues) those that have been cast off, and even cast away and even thrown away will be gathered in (tongues). And they’ll be gathered in by even some of those who stand in this place tonight. Because it is not a small move that God is doing. But God is calling those from all over. For His arm is extended in these days and His hand is reaching out and there will be great signs and wonders done among all the peoples of the world and it will not exclude the children.

“And even the children who have no home. And oh, great glory. Even the world will look and they will say, “A God who does that is a good God. A God who will take care of the children is a good God. He is a just God. Look what He does for children. Look how He cares for children.” And all that has been done in years past in this way and as a move of God and as an outreach of God. To these people is only but a fraction of that which will be done in these last days. For God will honor Himself. God will honor Himself. And He will be a Father to the fatherless.”

Given at a Mark Brazee Ministries Holy Ghost Rally
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