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PowerClub Testimonies in Burundi, East Africa

“Our follow up training in Muhuta was the place where God met us in a powerful way with 3 day food multiplications, many healings and salvations. This is also the area of which the local government official called us and said since we have started PowerClubs in his area and brought his people back to Jesus, the murder rate has decreased by 97% (from 80 down to 2) per month! He told since we brought PowerClubs has begun, they have seen more improvement in the area than all the work of the United Nations in the same place.

Astrid, Withrow, Muhuta, Kabezi, Burundi,

PowerClub Testimonies in Ghana, Africa

“Comfort, a Power Club Leader from Yarigu, shared a touching testimony about how a little girl of about 5 years turned her mother to the Lord. This 5 year old girl returned home from meeting one day to see her father sacrificing a fowl to an idol in front of the house. The meat of the animal was later used to prepare soup for the family’s dinner and our girl refused to take the soup.

Everyone in the family was shocked. Instead of eating her food, Tuozaafi (it’s a maize meal like Banku or thick porridge) with soup, she mashed it and drunk it without even getting sugar. She also told her parents plainly that she would not eat anything sacrificed to that idol. She added that that small god belongs to Satan and she will have nothing to do with that meat.

This continued for 3 days according to Comfort. During the period this girl went through hunger because she did not want to touch any food in the house that she thought was contaminated. Comfort heard about it after the second day and started feeding the girl from her own home. The mother, being challenged by the little girl’s commitment to God, followed her to church, for the first time in her life, the following Sunday. The mother has since given her life to Jesus and remained in the church. We continue to pray for the father and other members of the family.”

Pastor Francis Opoku, Ghana

PowerClub Testimonies in DR Congo

Changing our king’s kids program from the base to an open ground has given us an opportunity to reach out to many Kids in Makutano, Kenya. The Powerclub ideas are working for us and its amazing how kids are hungry for more of God. Every Saturday that we go there they waiting for us and looking forward for what God has for them. Early this year the kids were 25, but as I am sharing with you the kids are 60 and they are born again. Ngala primary has been in our heart for a while and God has given us opportunities to share there. We reach out to 150 kids every Thursday and,  the kids want the program to be like in there school schedule. We’ve received testimonies that the kids are more responsible and behaved and above all they have the Lord in there heart. We just want to sink deeper with them. Please keep praying with us.

David Na Mirjam, Makutana, Democratic Republic Congo

PowerClub Testimonies in the Philippines

It started to rain when we were having our PowerClub. The kids were praying to stop the rain and let it go because they are having a game during their power club service on an open door. I got an opportunity to train and teach them to used their authority in Christ Jesus and guest what? The rains stops. Also, we are not yet doing the full force of using the KIMI curriculum. What we have don so far, it is just an introduction of what it is all about.  How much more will happen if we will fully implement it? Its just a beginning. God is going to pour out more His Holy Spirit.

Bishop Rey Gomez Angana, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

PowerClub Testimonies in England

“We have been running Hornsey PowerClub since just before the summer, and although we only have between 5 – 7 children attending, two who were from completely ‘unchurched’ homes – and didn’t even know the name of Jesus – have given their lives to Him, along with one little girl with a Christian mother. We are teaching them the ‘meat of the Word’ from scratch, and are thrilled to see their spiritual development.” Vivian






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