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12 thoughts on “PowerClubs™”

  1. Ivonne Granados Duarte says:

    Hola tengo muchas dudas acerca del ministerio vivo en Mexico me gustaría asistir a algunos de sus semnianrio o capacitarme o comprar lo que tengan para trabajar en el ministerio infantil podrían ayudarme !??

    1. beckyfischer says:

      Vea nuestros productos de capacitación y enseñanza en español haciendo clic en el enlace. Toda la ayuda que necesitas está aquí. https://buff.ly/2sfJ5hM

      Además, si vives en México, puedes contactar a los líderes en Facebook en el grupo KIMI Mexico PowerClub. Serán geniales ayuda.

      Vaya aquí: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2136240133290125/

  2. Rev. Abiodun Saliu says:

    Thank you i am a Nigerian and i live in Nigeria, i just plan to visit USA soon.
    I will look for inline program pending my visit.
    Thank for your concern.

  3. Rev. Abiodun Saliu says:

    ok and i do the registration and follow up

  4. Lindy Wiebe says:

    Hi there, my name is Lindy Wiebe. My friend Susan and I run children’s ministry in the alliance church in Linden Alberta. (I have a girl in grade 3)
    We are a town of 800, with around 150 attending weekly. Last year I believe God gave me our mission statement , which is “Raising a generation who walk in the power and presence of God.” In november I began thinking how am I accomplishing this mission. I came across your YouTube video abut hearing God’s voice. I showed it to my husband and he ordered the curriculum and the redefining book for me.
    I have been so encouraged and learned a lot as I go thru all the videos I can find. In a few weeks i would like to teach my class of grade 2 to 6 lesson 1.
    What is the best way for me to learn how to do this well? Also I can’t seem to access the fat Albert you tube video?

    1. beckyfischer says:

      Great minds think alike! One of our slogans is “Raising a Generation of boys and girls to walk in the supernatural power of God.”

      Here’s the resources you need. Go to the curriculum section

      1. Lindy Wiebe says:

        Thanks so much.
        I am teaching the natural world vs. Spirit world this Sunday….. It’s gonna be fun!

  5. Rev. Abiodun Saliu says:

    we has a children ministry call Godly Children Project as instructed by God in July this year and lunched in September 9th and we are using kids in ministry hand book I down loaded on line and I am looking toward coming down to US nest year for one of your training program, pls always update me on nest year training program.
    The hand book had been helpful, the children have increase to above 60 in attendance, and we would be happy if we can get more of your support.
    Rev. and pastor Deborah Abiodun Saliu

    1. beckyfischer says:

      How did you get our material? did you go to a conference from one of our leaders? I would like to know. They may be able to help you again.

      1. Rev. Abiodun Saliu says:

        Thank you Ma,
        We downloaded the free online material, those are what we are using for now.
        Ma, i will like to Know if you have any training or seminal that the location are very close to Houston TX next years so that we can plan to attend.
        We looking forward to me you soon.
        Rev. and pastor Mrs Deborah Abiodun Saliu.
        +234 8023725718
        FB; abiodun saliu

        1. beckyfischer says:

          Dear Pastor,
          At this moment I am not planning anything in Houston. Please look at my calendar to see what my plans are at the moment. Do you live in Houston? Your name seems to be a Nigerian name.

        2. beckyfischer says:

          Rev, I just came across your comment again, and you will be please to know we are conducting a live training over four consequtive Satrudays starting next week. Please read the details I will be opening up registration very soon. Like in the next couple of days. Please read about the event and register as soon as you can.


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