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Children in our churches know a lot about Jesus. They know a little bit about the Father God, creator of heaven and earth. But most of them know almost nothing about the Holy Spirit. Even our Pentecostal churches seldom teach children on the topic, and it is equally rare that they lead them into this marvelous experience.

And if they get that far, its very unusual that children continue to practice speaking in tongues because their teachers never encourage it in their services.

This curriculum is going to turn that poor practice on its head. Not only do we teach kids about being filled, we lead them into the baptism. And then in every lesson after that, we teach them many of the reasons we should pray in the spirit every day! And in our time at the end of the service, we have the children use their prayer language for the reason they learned about.


FREE DOWNLOAD – Powerpoint – Eleven Reasons We Should Speak in Tongues

Included in every lesson are creative object lessons, a dramatized Bible story, memory verse, review questions, and ideas for prayer times at the end of each lesson. Click here to download some lesson samples.

Here are the Lesson titles:

  1. The Holy Spirit Lives In Us
  2.  A Well Springing Up
  3.  Wait for the Promise
  4. The Upper Room
  5. To You, I Give the Power
  6. Worship God In Tongues
  7. Charge Your Spiritual Battery
  8. Spiritual Wisdom
  9. Hear His Voice Clearly
  10. He Fills Us With Power
  11. A Secret Weapon
  12. Intercessory Prayer
  13. Praying for Your Future

Please check out the adult teaching from our School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry that we took these lessons from called The Supernatural Power of Tongues.

This is our fourth in a series of what we call “mini-lessons” (3-page lessons compared to our standard 12-page lessons) specially designed for our leaders and PowerClubs in developing nations. But the content, like all of our other curriculums, is incredibly meaty, and there is no doubt that even the teachers, no matter what nation you are from, will learn a lot from these lessons.

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6 reviews for 8. Filled with Power!

  1. Becky Fischer (verified owner)

    Yonnie Colleluori commented on Facebook: Today I taught the second to last lesson in the “Filled With Power” book. It was so meaty and I definitely ran out of time. I made time to practice hearing from God with the kids and some of them had some AWESOME things to share.??????❤️ It is definitely something I want to do with them more often. Thank you for your obedience in writing the book. Now to see which book is next.

  2. Becky Fischer (verified owner)

    Christina Martin wrote to me on Facebook: I bought your curriculum filled with power and more than half my Sunday school kids started to speak in tongues and the teachers even started to be encouraged when they were with the very little one 2 to 4 to teach them and they were extremely excited about it all they stated jumping up and down letting their little tongues move and feel the spirit

  3. Becky Fischer

    A PowerClub leader from Dehli, India wrote in an email: After completing Lesson -5 “To you I give the Power”. During encounter time we asked kids if anybody was sick or if anybody in their house needed prayers. Some kids raised their hands. We called them up in front and called some other kids to come and lay hands on them and pray. And these are the testimonies we heard from them the next week.
    ELisha prayed for Sweety. Sweety’s brother was falsely accoused for some reason and was in jail from past 6 years. Sweety asked to pray for her brother. The same sunday we prayed for her brother, He came back home from jail.
    2. SHONA & SHIFA
    Shifa prayed for Shona’s father. He was having high B.P. and fever. After going back from church. Shona found her father completly healed.
    3. MARK & KOMAL
    Komal’s father was suffering from fever and couldnt go to work for a week. He was completely in bed. That sunday we prayed and her father who was at home got healed. And from Monday he even started going to work.
    4. ARPAN
    Arpan is an 8 year old. He was travelling from his grandparents house to Delhi in train with his parents. He saw an old uncle siting next to him. He asked him uncle do you know about JESUS. He said yeah i have heard about him. Then this boy asked can i share about Jesus and he said about Jesus to that uncle.


  4. CJ

    What comes in the curriculum?
    Videos? Object lessons? Skits? Teachings?
    Thank you

    • Becky Fischer

      Included in every lesson are creative object lessons, a dramatized Bible story, memory verse, review questions, and ideas for prayer times at the end of each lesson. Click here to download some lesson samples: https://buff.ly/30jSW5g Thanks for asking.

  5. Charmaine Scollary

    I would love to hear your Sunday school classes on YouTube. Demonstration is often better than just showing how. I want my kids to be fed by you/the Holy Spirit. Don’t you have iTunes videos we can purchase for our kids to watch? Please!!!!!

    The economy drives us into exhaustion. We need videos we can just put on and then can pray and talk about.

    Rating- well I can’t say a spirit filled person could possibly do a bad job. I rejoice in the Lord. So 5/5

  6. Jane Hardy

    I Love the simplicity & activation way you teach

    • Becky Fischer


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