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I’ve Got Good News! is a completely unique look at the foundational concepts in the Bible concerning our salvation. What does the Bible really mean when we are born again? What happens on the inside of us when that happens?

These lessons teach kids what the Good News of the Gospel is all about because the good news covers much more than the forgiveness of our sins. The Good News of the Gospel covers everything from washing our sins away, starting a new life, finding God’s great plan for our lives, the healing of our bodies, God speaking to us, and so much more.

God’s Supernatural Power is Good News

Wherever the Gospel is shared, signs, wonders, and supernatural miracles take place. So our kids can begin to expect the incredible healings and other miracles whenever they tell others about Jesus. Prophetic evangelism, which is all about listening to the voice of God for the unsaved person, then sharing with him what the Holy Spirit said, puts a whole new twist on sharing one’s faith. This makes it incredibly fun and exciting.

This is all part of the good news they will learn in I’ve Got Good News. This is the great commission lessons for kids packaged in a very unusual way.

Your children will learn how winning the lost fits into God’s Big Plan of salvation, which was His whole goal from the foundations of the earth. They will also learn that from the beginning of the creation of mankind to Jesus coming back to earth again; God had planned Good News for all of us. In the process, they learn that God loves people and has a wonderful plan for their lives.

It is critical that we, as teachers and church leaders, impress upon our children the importance of sharing their faith with their friends, relatives, and sometimes, total strangers. That’s why if we truly believe that Jesus died for the whole world and that the only way to heaven is through Jesus, then we need to establish a mindset of how important it is in our children.

It’s an Uphill Battle

We’re in an uphill battle on this topic today because our children from preschool to university are now systematically taught that all religions are equal, we all serve the same God, and we are all going to end up in heaven when we die. Our kids are being indoctrinated to never believe or say that our faith in Jesus is the only right way, and we are not to hurt anyone else’s feelings by implying we think our religion is the best. They are being pressured not to say anything about Jesus. And we must combat this aggressively.

“We have discovered that peer evangelism among young children (one kid leading another one to the foot of the cross for a life-changing encounter with Jesus) is one of the most prolific and effective means of evangelism in the nation.” (George Barna, Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions, pg 68, Issachar Resources, 2003)

Our curriculums were written specifically for Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Spirit-Filled churches.

What Makes KIMI Curriculums so Unique? 
Click here to see sample lesson.

Written by Becky Fischer
Thirteen Lessons, 178 pages
(Formerly titled the Great Commission)

Pricing is as follows:
BEST BUY: Paperback: $89.95 (Comes with a Free PDF Download link on inside cover)
PDF Download: $72.95

Australian Customers Please buy here: KIMI Australia

Help your children gain the understanding and tools they need to do what comes naturally to them–winning the lost! Equip them to share their faith effectively with their friends and loved ones! These lessons answer questions like: “What really happens on the inside of a person when they become saved?” “Since the Bible doesn’t have a sinner’s prayer in it, then what is the Bible way to become born again?” “What does sharing our faith in Jesus have to do with Him coming back to earth again?” …and so much more!


13 Lesson Titles in I’ve Got Good News!:

At first glance, you may think your children already know this information. But they have never heard it taught this way!

  • The Great Commission
  • Pray The Lord of the Harvest
  • How Shall They Hear?
  • The Gospel Is Good News
  • What Is the Plan of Salvation?
  • Becoming Born Again
  • Confess and Believe
  • Prophetic Evangelism
  • These Signs Shall Follow
  • Baptizing Them
  • Making Disciples
  • Then the End Shall Come
  • God’s Goodness

What’s Included in I’ve Got Good News:

  • 13 dynamic lessons
  • 13 skits for either drama or puppetry
  • 13 Power Verse Activities
  • Multiple Objects Lessons Per Lesson
  • 15 Review Questions for each lesson
  • 10 Scriptures Per Lesson for a Sword Drill

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1 review for 5. I’ve Got Good News!

  1. Becky Fischer (verified owner)

    Barbie Hunt wrote on Facebook: We have used the material. Last year 14 kids gave their hearts to Jesus on the playground because two girls had been taught the material and told one girl she could have peace with Jesus instead of anxiety about testing. For them it was “we have good news”. Bless you dear amazing friend. So thankful for you

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