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Hearing God’s voice and being led by His Spirit are the most important spiritual attributes we can teach our children. If they grow up hearing God’s voice, the world of decision-making is on solid ground. It is also the doorway to the supernatural kingdom of God.

Knowing how to be led by the Spirit, and hearing God’s voice, which is the basis of godly decision-making, could save their lives in a dangerous and confusing world. Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice,” but too often, we forget to teach the “lambs” what it sounds like. This series on Hearing God’s Voice Spirit-filled children’s church curriculum takes kids from the basics all the way to seeing prophetic visions and dreams and learning how to interpret them from scripture.

You will see Joel 2:28 come to pass before your eyes when “your sons and daughters prophecy.” They will also learn how to recognize the enemy’s counterfeit supernatural that attempts to mimic the Gifts of the Spirit.

Reasons to use KIMI Spirit-Filled Children’s Church Curriculums 
Click here to see a sample lesson.

Pricing is as follows:

BEST BUY: Paperback: $89.95 (Comes with a Free PDF Download link on inside cover)
PDF Download: $72.95
Australian Customers Please buy here: KIMI Australia  
South African Customers, Please shop Here: https://www.amaniyah.co.za/product/hearing-gods-voice/

211 pages

13 Powerful Lessons on Hearing God’s Voice!

  • Natural World vs. Spirit World
  • God Has a Still Small Voice
  • Red Light, Green Light
  • We’re Led By Peace
  • The Magnetic Pull of the Spirit
  • His Word Is a Lamp to Our Feet
  • Young Men Shall See Visions Dreaming Dreams
  • Interpreting Dreams and Visions
  • What Do You See?
  • The Spoken Word of God
  • Angelic Visitations
  • The Enemy’s Counterfeit

What’s Included in Hearing God’s Voice for kids?

  • 13 Power Verses
  • 13 Dynamic Lessons
  • 13 Dramatized Bible Stories
  • 13 Leader’s Sermon Overviews
  • 13 Advanced Preparation Sections
  • 13 Connecting With Parents Pages
  • 13 Time With God Prayer Activities
  • 13 YouTube Videos to Match Each Lesson
  • Multiple Object Lesson Ideas Per Sermon
  • 15 Review Questions for each lesson
  • 13 Sword Drills (Bible Contests)
  • 12 Bonus Drama Skits

Also Included in Hearing God’s Voice:

Costume Instructions for God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, & Satan
Make Your Own Object Lessons
How to Make Simple Bible Costumes
Special Object Lesson Ideas to Purchase
Practical Tips for Teaching Kids to Hear God’s Voice
Theming Ideas for Room Decorations


Hearing God’s voice is vital to a healthy, productive Christian lifestyle.

Regardless of denomination, all Christians, on some level, believe God speaks to his people. Jesus said in various ways He did nothing without instructions from His Father, which implies he had to hear the Father say something. If Jesus needs to hear something before He acts, then so do we.

And yet it is an amazing area of ignorance and weakness in the lives of Christians because it is not widely taught in practical ways in most churches worldwide. Thus most Christians are left to figure it out for themselves, and insecurity in this area is common.

I had a pastor tell me in one of my teaching sessions he was not sure he knew how. I’ve been told by seasoned, itinerant ministers that most pastors do not know how. They are not taught this in Bible schools, so unless they go somewhere else to learn, they are weak in this area too.

For proof that this is a very needed teaching, one only has to do a search on the internet, or YouTube, videos, and conferences on this topic. The fact there is massive amounts of teaching on it tells us there is a great need in it. Ministers are not going to spend time talking about something that is not needed in the body of Christ. The law of demand and supply. No demand – no supply.

No wonder few ever teach children about this because most Christian adults don’t know. So if you are listening to this teaching, and it is old hat to you. Just realize you are in the minority, and you can thank God someone took the time to teach you.

A common belief is that God only spoke to people in the past in Bible days to great servants of God. They were privileged. But the belief is now God remains quiet. BUT THAT IS NOT SCRIPTURAL.

It has been said by some that God’s primary way of speaking to man in the Old Testament was audible. The premise they use is because, at that time, God did not live inside of man. He was an external force heard only by some.

The Israelites heard his voice as thunder, and it scared them to death. So relationships played a big part in who could hear clearly.

Today, after Christ has been raised from the dead, we are in a new dispensation of time in history. Today because of the indwelling Spirit of God, we can now hear His voice within us, so he no longer needs to speak to the ears on our heads normally. He can. But now he can just speak to our spirits/hearts.

Kids in Ministry International specializes in producing children’s ministry curriculums for Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Spirit-Filled families and churches.


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10 reviews for 2. Hearing God’s Voice for Kids

  1. Becky Fischer (verified owner)

    Email from Amanda H.

    Dear Becky Fischer and Team,
    I wanted to send a note to you all to let you know how this curriculum has been a blessing to our church! My sister leads children’s ministry at Christian City Fellowship in sealy, TX. She began teaching this curriculum in 2017. I just so happened to be assisting her and it really spoke to my heart, to put it mildly. It created a platform of change as to how we spent time with the Lord and stretching our children.

    In 2018 I went down to Chiapas, Mexico and taught some of it. This year in 2019. My sister joined me in Mexico and we taught some more lessons from the curriculum.

    Our other friend that went with us to Mexico was touched by it and she ordered the Spanish version of it once we got back from Mexico. She and I have been co-teaching our adult Spanish Sunday school class for the last 10 weeks. It’s been so encouraging and rewarding….and deepening in our own relationships with the Lord. What was started with the kids is spreading to the adults.

    Just wanted to let you know.

    Much love and many blessings to y’all. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord. It’s been a gateway for us.

  2. Becky Fischer (verified owner)

    Reena Matthew wrote on Amazon.com: This book has completely transformed our way of life. Extremely relevant and an anchor in this day and age of uncertainty and unpredictably. Our children are learning to directly hear from God for every move in their life.

  3. Becky Fischer (verified owner)

    “Amazon customer” wrote on Amazon.com: These teachings are life changing! We have used them in Kids church, small groups, and as a tool in the hands of parents. The object lessons and creative ministry times really take the children to new levels of understanding!

  4. Becky Fischer (verified owner)

    Pamela Ayres wrote on Amazon.com: I have used this curriculum over and over for 14 years. The object lessons are very simple, the concepts are sweetly deep. Kids “get it” when they see it and they become prophetic without wearing any label. They just begin to see and hear what God is doing.

  5. Becky Fischer (verified owner)

    “dw9098” wrote on Amazon.com: This is an amazing curriculum and is honestly the best way I’ve seen to teach this subject. We used it in Kids Church and then I taught it to the adults in our adult service. Everyone was blessed by how clear and easy it is to hear and understand the voice of God after receiving this clear Biblical teaching.

  6. Becky Fischer (verified owner)

    Susan Swan wrote on Amazon.com: You want your kids to go deeper in the things of God? You want to see a generation change for Christ? Buy this curriculum! It is the best thing that ever happened to my ministry. I am a kids pastor and I have searched and tried lots of curriculums. This one outshines them all! Wish I could give it a 10. Perfect!

  7. Becky Fischer (verified owner)

    Teresa Locklear wrote on Amazon.com: This book is AMAZING! If you want your children to walk with God and have a deeper relationship with Him, then use this curriculum. I’m a children’s pastor and my kids begin hearing the voice of God during the very first lesson. This book puts lofty theological thoughts on their level so they can understand. I’ve seen all sorts of material out there for thousands of dollars that doesn’t hold a candle to what’s inside Becky Fischers books. You can’t go wrong in purchasing this! This book is a must have!

  8. Becky Fischer (verified owner)

    Amy Roberts wrote on Amazon.com: This is this BEST curriculum choice on how to hear God’s voice. I used it in my children’s church for ages 6-12 and also at home to teach my own kids.

  9. Becky Fischer

    Wonda Veronica Emmert, one of our 2016 PowerClub Graduates wrote:

    The children LOVE Hearing God’s Voice series. They ask every week if we will be meeting next week. (We meet every other weekend) They receive visions every time we meet and can’t wait to share them. Two weekends ago the Spirit led us to take the children in to service at the end to pray for the sick. It was beautiful. They have never done that and as we asked who wanted to do the praying hands shot up from nearly all the children. Even our youngest 5 year old. The next week we heard from an elder we prayed for that his back was significantly better. (He was walking on crutches because the pressure hurt so bad and he was on pain meds.) He actually left church the night we prayed without needing the crutches and the next day was off pain meds. He went to see the dr and they said that he was free to move around and to do so more to finish the healing! I think the greatest impact was how the faith of the children was so encouraging to the the adults. They wanted to get in on the action and start praying for people!

    • Becky Fischer

      Wonda, this is so encouraging to hear!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  10. Mickey R Freed

    This is a great curriculum. Our kids love it and our teacher loves it. Keep up the great work.

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