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With these simple but powerful preschool Bible lessons, preschoolers can experience the presence of God and more! Our experience has shown preschool children, ages 3-5, are capable of understanding and acting on more than just simple Bible stories. We believe they can also understand salvation, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, prayer, worship, sharing their faith with others, and more when explained on their level.

There are many testimonies of this age group hearing God’s voice and being led by His Spirit, not to mention boldly stepping out in faith and healing the sick. We share such true stories in our kid’s book, The Adventures of Ivy and God, where little Ivy prayed for her grandfather’s eyes, and he was healed.

True Testimonies from These Preschool Bible Lessons

“At the beginning of worship, we tell them, ‘God wants to speak to you,’ and after worship, we always ask them, ‘who heard from God?’ One little girl (4-yrs-old) recently answered, “God said, He’s going to wrap me in His presence.” I feel privileged that God has entrusted these little ones into my care, and want to give them the best. Thank you, Becky, for giving us the BEST curriculum!” Adrianna, Australia

“Preschoolers in His Presence is an awesome curriculum. I use it in my own home with my 2-year-old. It’s so natural for them to hear the voice of God. The other day we had some prayer and a moment of quiet, then I asked her if God said anything to her, and she said, “Yes! He said, Take my Joy.” How wonderful for a 3-year-old to hear something like that for herself from God.” Torry, Texas

We have experienced that there is no age limit on how young a child can be to learn to walk in the supernatural power of God in age-appropriate ways! This one-of-a-kind curriculum of preschool Bible lessons from KIMI is for the “littlest saints.” For more information on this topic, see our teaching on Preschoolers & God, where we share many more testimonies.

How Many Preschool Bible Lessons Are in the Preschoolers in His Presence Curriculum?

There are 104 five-minute preschool Bible lessons in this curriculum. We have divided them into eight different categories, which correspond to what we call “God Centers,” which we explain below. Each category contains 13 individual preschool Bible lessons on the category topic, which will cover a three-month time frame. If you use one lesson per week, the curriculum with last you two years. If you use two lessons per week, it will last you one year.

The God Center Categories Include:

  • 1. Salvation
  • 2. Praise & Worship
  • 3. The Holy Spirit
  • 4. Prayer & Intercession
  • 5. Healing the Sick
  • 6. Evangelism
  • 7. World Missions
  • 8. The Bible

What’s Inside Each of the Preschool Bible Lessons?

Each lesson has a memory verse, an object lesson or visual for the preschool Bible lessons, and a corresponding activity for them to respond to what they learned, which will give them opportunities to enter the presence of God, similar to an altar call. You can download six of our lessons on prayer, by clicking here.

What Are “God Centers”?

God Centers are areas in your classroom where you set up a small table that holds all of the object lessons these teachings will take place. They are based on the concept of learning centers used in public schools. They are small areas decorated and designed around the specific categories listed here where the children will learn about and participate in these topics. For more explanation of God Centers, please click here to download details.

This is Unique Supplementary Material

Obviously, if these are only five-minute preschool Bible lessons, and only use one or two are used per week, teachers will need to find other material to fill the time. So what to do? You will still want to purchase traditional Bible Story curriculum from another publisher. Because there is such a vast amount of excellent Bible STORY curriculums available from other publishers, we did not feel it was necessary for us to do the same.

What you find in This curriculum does not focus on the Bible stories like most others do. This curriculum focuses on Bible DOCTRINE.

Preschoolers in His Presence Should Be Used Repeatedly

What we provide in this curriculum cannot be found anywhere else that we know of for this age group. We wanted to bring a higher level of spirituality into the classroom. While other publishers continually produce new Sunday School lessons that need to be purchased every three months, Preschoolers in His Presence needs only to be purchased once, then used over and over again.

Consider this: What a three-year-old hears and understands is different than what a four-year-old hears and understands. What a five-year-old hears and understands is different that a four-year-old. If you repeat these lessons every year, the children grow in their understanding and ability to act on what they learn. This is different than simple Bible story curriculums.

What Makes KIMI Curriculums so Unique? 

Pricing is as follows:

BEST BUY: Paperback: $99.95 (Comes with a Free PDF Download link on inside cover)
PDF Download: $79.95

Australian Customers Please buy here: KIMI Australia

South African customers, please shop in SA at AmaniYah Publishers.

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11 reviews for 10. Preschoolers in His Presence

  1. Becky Fischer (verified owner)

    Elizabeth Kerwin Peebles posted on Facebook: “I got your material preschoolers in his presence when my daughter was in preschool. I used it with her and taught it at Sunday school. Your materials taught me how to teach her about the supernatural and have ears to hear the Holy Spirit. Today she is in Ministry School and wants to work as a missionary with children. I sure am thankful for the work that you have done.

  2. Becky Fischer (verified owner)

    Taylor Seymor posted this comment on our Supernatural Children’s and YOuth Ministries group with photos:
    Toddlers/Preschoolers in His Presence Curriculum
    I am a teacher for the 3-6 year olds at my church! I took the kids through the curriculum above and it was amazing! The Holy Spirit moved in so many ways throughout the entire time! I did it a little differently than prescribed, but it worked amazing for my group!! It is the perfect way to introduce foundational doctrine for the spirit filled walk!! Many children gave their life to Jesus and some started praying in tongues!!! What I do know, is when it is time for their salvation or baptism of the Holy Spirit they will be ready and not afraid or confused!! They will go onto their next age group prepared for even more meat of the Word and leading of the Spirit!! This is the next generation!
    I highly recommend this curriculum to anyone! ❤️🔥❤️‍🔥

  3. Cris

    Ola tens em português este material ?

  4. Karen Brooks (verified owner)

    We started this curriculum today. We are a small church with a multi-age Sunday school and used the first lesson on salvation and the first lesson on worship. Three kids got saved today! Ages 7-8! This curriculum is for other ages too! Praise God!

    • Becky Fischer (verified owner)

      WOW!!! Karen, this is amazing! Thanks so much for the update!

  5. Maria Nelson

    I wish it would be more affordable for families.

    • Becky Fischer (verified owner)

      have you not noticed that every KIMI curriculum cmes with a 25% discount for homeschool families?

  6. Becky Fischer (verified owner)

    From Jennifer Hunter via email: I already purchased preschoolers in your presence! We love it! Did a few lessons with my boys on salvation. My son (4.5) asked Jesus in his heart and wanting to know about the Holy Spirit so going to begin that center with my two boys and finish up the salvation unit as well. Loving this curriculum!!!

  7. Nadeen Suarez

    By far the best preschool curriculum! Our preschool and kindergarteners class has been transformed. If you want to take your kiddos deeper and into God’s presence, this is the curriculum. It’s amazing how much the kids understand the lessons. Holy Spirit is moving in these children. Both parents and team members agree, this curriculum is doing something awesome in the kids, even they learn something as adults can relate. It’s great!

  8. Jody Gafford

    I have used this curriculum. I love it. The kids love it. Brilliantly set around learning centers.

  9. Adriana Morales

    This is the best curriculum I’ve used for this age group. It is easy to use and you get results!

  10. Torry Norris

    Preschoolers in His Presence is an awesome curriculum. I use it in my own home with my 2 year old. It’s so natural for them the hear the voice of God. The other day we had some prayer and a moment of quiet, then I asked her if God said anything to her, she said “Yes!” He said, “Take my Joy.” How wonderful for a 2 year old to hear something like that for herself from God.

  11. drianna, Australia

    At the beginning of worship we tell them ‘God wants to speak to you’ and after worship we always ask them ‘who heard from God?’ One little girl (4yrs old) recently answered “God said, He’s going to wrap me in His presence.” I feel privileged that God has entrusted these little ones into my care and want to give them the best. Thank you Becky for giving us the BEST curriculum!

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