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By Alicia White, Chosen Stones Ministries
Graduate of the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry and former KIMI Ohio Director

For ages 6-12. Designed for a children’s church format.

Worship is one of the most fundamental principles of the Bible; it is the very road we all must take to commune, experience, and make real the presence of our heavenly Father in our lives today. The hour has come that we not only tell children to worship God but that we teach them how.

These lessons are broken up into two separate volumes. Use at the beginning of your Children’s Ministry worship service; you can teach children line by line, precept by precept, why we must worship God, how we must worship God, and what happens when we worship God.

This curriculum is a Holy Spirit-inspired tool to be used to usher in the presence of God in your children’s ministry service, as well as create a lifestyle of worship and intimacy in a whole generation of children.

Paperback Book – $65.00
PDF Download – $54.95

In volume I (see list of topics below) of the Acts of Worship, the children will get an understanding of the basic and fundamental principles of the many actions of worship we can do to express our love to God and to dwell in His presence. Where before, some of the simplest actions of raising our hands, clapping, and kneeling before God have been just mimicked in Children’s worship services, these lessons will allow the children to choose to do these actions out of an understanding of what they are doing and why.

In Volume II (see list of topics below) of the Acts of Worship-“Going Deeper,” the children began to develop a life of worship before God. In these series of lessons, the deeper concepts of worship our addressed, creating an opportunity for the children to be engaged in worship in their everyday life through such things as obedience, communion, and becoming like Jesus.

Lessons for Volume 1 include:
*Lesson 1: Opening the Door, *Lesson 2: Making Jesus Bigger, *Lesson 3: God Did It, *Getting Inside the Door, *Making God #1, *The Battle is the Lord’s, *Clean Hands and a Pure Heart, *Making a Funnel, *Hands of Palms, *Surrender All, * Hugs from Jesus, *Our Banner, *God’s Biggest Cheerleader, *A Song in your Heart, *Sing in the Spirit, *Dance onto the Lord, *Making Music, *Shout for Joy, *Shout of Victory, *Whispers in the Secret Place, *His Holy Word, *Worship through Love, *The Super Hero in You, *Are you Listening

Lessons for volume 2 include:
*Breaking Through, *No Lip Service, *Good Morning, Holy Spirit, *A Time to Remember, *Connecting with Jesus, *Power in the Communion, *The Power of the Name, *Do You Know What I Know?, *Do You See What I See?, *Do You Feel What I Feel?, *Ambassador to Christ, *Praying In the Spirit, *According to Your Word, *Words that Create, *Fasting with Prayer, *Getting to Work, *Alabaster Box, *Faith that Pleases, *Becoming More Like Jesus, *Giving Out of the Heart, *The Holy Temple, *Worship that Goes Up, *A Teachable Spirit, *His Special Treasure, *Fear of God, *Times of Refreshing

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