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Guiding kids through the spirit world is more important than ever before. Today’s children are surrounded on every side by landmines of the occult, witchcraft, and the dark side of the supernatural. Christian parents, churches, and children’s ministers often overlook the obvious and don’t realize that the enemy’s tactics use media and entertainment as primary tools to acclimate and indoctrinate our children to accept darkness as innocent fun.

In this session, Becky exposes what is behind some of the most popular children’s books and movies through the confessions of the authors themselves through blogs and interviews and the spiritual experiences that birthed their “creative” works. It’s very eye-opening and disturbing, and we must teach our children how to discern between God’s supernatural and that of the darkness.

Our kids need to know about the spirit world. We go to great pains in our teachings to educate them in this, Talking about how they’re created in God’s image, how they are a spirit.

They need to be taught early and often in age-appropriate ways that they have an enemy who is also God’s enemy and they need to know to how to fight against that enemy just like that little three-year-old girl.

The scriptures make no distinction between good magic and bad magic, good witches and bad witches. There’s no such thing in the Bible as white magic and black magic. To God, they are all the same thing because they invoke their powers from the same pool of spirits, whether good or bad or make-believe.

Our kids—your kids—need to know that any miraculous, supernatural power that does not originate from God comes of Satan.There are only two sources of supernatural power. It’s either from God or Satan. There’s nothing else “out there.” They are two oppositional forces fighting one another.

And Jesus came that the works of Satan would be destroyed. PERIOD! He broke the back of Satan on the cross. So why in the world would you let your kids mess with God’s enemy—real or make-believe? Our kids need to be taught about God’s kingdom of light and the devil’s kingdom of darkness and be taught at early ages how to distinguish between the two.

There’s a very real kingdom of darkness where sorcery and witchcraft are done, and there is a very real kingdom of light which is God’s kingdom. We MUST learn to distinguish between the two. We cannot afford to let our guard down and compromise on seemingly small issues.

You must know your Bible and determine in your heart that you will follow its guidelines. We need to love what God loves and hate what he hates.

Speaker: Becky Fischer, Founder/Director of Kids in Ministry International

MP4 Video Download – $4.95

Australian Customers Please buy here: KIMI Australia

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