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The School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry Level One comprises sixteen sessions to teach you the basics of how to conduct a children’s ministry service to lead a dynamic, spirit-led children’s service. Combined with our one-of-a-kind KIMI Curriculums, these video lessons show you how to equip children for the work of the ministry, teach them the meat of God’s word, and bring them into the presence of God.

Even kids ministers who have had previous children’s ministry training agree that what they learned through these sessions changed their ministry forever.

One graduate said, “I have two bachelor’s degrees and two masters degrees in education and theology, yet I can earnestly say that Power Club training and the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry training is some of the best I have ever experienced.” Sherry Chester, children’s pastor in Texas

“Yippee!!! I am so blessed to have the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry flash drive right at my fingertips (Levels One, Two and Three combined), so I can listen and listen again all I want. I have NEVER heard anyone preach on these topics AT ALL. Every parent and children’s minister needs to hear this stuff!” Helen Grace Peters, USA 


Certification is available. Ask us how.

Topics include:


Watch these MP4s on your smartphone, tablet or ipad, or desktop computer. Place the USB stick in your widescreen TV set and watch it from the comfort of your living room.

SSCM Level One MP4s USB – $110.00
SSCM Level One MP4 Downloads – $5.95 each ($95.25 for all 16)

Weight.13 lbs
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14 reviews for SSCM Level One: Children’s Ministry Basics (MP4s)

  1. Helen Hobbs

    Would you recommend I did the SSCM course before introducing it to my team and into the children’s work at my church or can I start the curriculum.

    • Becky Fischer

      That’s a great question. But actually, it’s just as effective if you go through and learn at the same time as your team does.

  2. Becky Fischer

    Nikki Patterson wrote us: This is a long time coming, but I just wanted to thank you so much for all that you do to pour into children here and across the nations! I am so grateful for what I learned in your school of supernatural children’s ministry! What a blessing it was to be so equipped to serve this next generation! Many thanks and blessings to you! May God give you even more wisdom and favor with God and man! You are a blessing to this generation!

  3. Becky Fischer

    I have completed the book and 2 videos so far and cannot believe I have put this on the back burner for so long. Why? I just don’t know. I am in awe how well you read my heart. Thank you for your passion and your teachings. I am so glad and blessed to receive these new wine skins for the new wine. ~ Janet Berner, missionary, Zambia, East Africa

  4. Becky Fischer

    Helen Grace Peters on Facebook wrote: “Yippee!!! I am so blessed to have the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry flash drive right at my fingertips, so I can listen and listen again all I want. I have NEVER heard anyone preach on these topics AT ALL. Every parent and children’s minister needs to hear this stuff! God bless you, Becky Fischer!!!”

  5. Becky Fischer

    SSCM graduate Marla Martin, Tennessee, wrote: “I am so glad I took the SSCM Lessons. They are valuable. This is something I feel every person working in a Children’s Church Department, Christian parents, Children, and Pastors should see & be encouraged to complete. What an eye opener on how Christians should be raising Children with a Biblical World view. So many of us think we ARE doing that until we see these lessons. Putting our Children’s spiritual needs first and doing it before it’s too late should be our top priority.”

  6. Becky Fischer

    Fon Humphrey, Cameroon, West Africa, wrote: “What I am learning is so awesome. For the 14 years I have been in children’s ministry and have done training with Child Evangelism Fellowship, twice level 1, 2 and the instructor of teachers level one. I have also receive training from One Hope etc. But this one is something very very different from what I have already received from the other ministries. I am learning so many new things of which by the time I am done my ministry will be on fire for Jesus. I wish to say this again thank you so much for this opportunity given to me get this training. It has totally changed my vision for children ministry and as I continue my learning process the Holy Spirit is laying so much in my heart to do. First to carry this KIMI to all the local churches in my community. Even though most of their teachers have received training from C.E.F, that will not stop nor discourage me. It is like I am pregnant and waiting when I am done to give birth.”

  7. Becky Fischer

    SSCM graduate, Laura Edmondson, Texas, wrote: “By taking the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry Course, I felt so encouraged and equipped to continue pursuing what God has placed on my heart. Becky has so much experience and depth that I could listen to the course two more times and continue to glean much! I first heard of Becky almost 9 years ago, when my children were very young. I was desperate for a children’s ministry that reflected the views that God had put on my heart for my children. By using the KIMI materials, I have seen children, including my own, go so deep in their relationship with Jesus.”

  8. Becky Fischer

    SSCM graduate Paul Teo, Singapore, wrote: “I have listened to the SSCM course at least 4 or 5 times. I have strengthened my beliefs about the importance of ministering to children. I have been in discussion with the pastoral team in my church, and we have decided to launch the “Hearing God’s Voice” curriculum in 2015 to benefit about 150 to 200 children. I am now preparing a detailed training and mentoring program to train the teachers in the church to implement many useful aspects of what I have learned.”

  9. Becky Fischer

    SSCM graduate Wally Sayers, Guatemala, wrote: “These courses have revolutionized my thinking when it comes to children’s ministry. It has given me a Brand New Perspective when it comes to ministering to children. In our ministry here in Guatemala we have done a lot of child evangelism, and some equipping, but I always thought that there was something missing, and needed to get these kids more in the presence of God by teaching them how to do that. But we were very limited. Now those limitations have been removed by these wonderful courses. I am excited about the future because I feel that I am armed and ready to go to a new level with KIMI PowerClubs. I just want to thank Becky for her powerful vision for the kids in the world and her love that she has for us and Guatemala. My wife Elizabeth and I have a very big vision for Guatemala and all of Central America in that we want to see a revolution of children´s ministries and parents. By doing that, we will see PowerClubs planted by the thousands in Jesus mighty Name.”

  10. Becky Fischer

    SSCM graduate Anita Matthews, India, wrote: “As I started doing the course it was like rekindling a fire on the inside of me, restoring the vision and passion. When I listened to ‘I hate Sunday school ‘and watched Becky teach the preschoolers I was wow. I need that because I myself am not trained. At times when I listened I would cry and there was a stirring in my spirit and I know God has been doing something. As I was doing the course I also had a desire to see the other teachers in the team being trained because it didn’t make sense if we all didn’t move in the same direction. Right now 5 of them are taking the power club training. We are also praying to see how God will lead us from here.”

  11. Becky Fischer

    SSCM graduate Alison Wilson, England, wrote: “God led me to Becky Fischer and the Supernatural School of Children’s Ministry. I introduced our children’s team to the material and we immediately put it into practice in all our children’s sessions. The change in the children (and adults) was truly amazing! Our children were able to come into the very presence of their loving Heavenly Father and to hear His voice speaking directly to them. Everything changed! Out went the need for games and crafts – in came a hunger for His presence. Our numbers grew and the spirituality of the children very quickly outgrew most of the adults within church family!”

  12. Becky Fischer

    We’ve just come back from the UK children’s ministries conference over the weekend and, to be honest, there was not anything at the UK conference, like what KIMI offers. They had parachutes and puppets, but I didn’t hear anything about getting children to experience His presence. I couldn’t wait to get back so I could continue watching the SSCM DVDs. Gail J., England

  13. Margaret Grech

    would one need a sophisticated powerful computer to use the lessons on the stick MP4 video version? Or would any ordinary laptop do the job please. Thanks

    • Becky Fischer

      If you can watch videos of any kind on your laptop, you should be able to watch these.

  14. Nayive Alexandra Gonzalez

    Do you have the lessons with subtitles in english or spanish?

    • Becky

      I’m so sorry but at this time we do not have this because of the expense of it. We do have our curriculums in Spanish, but not the training course. https://kidsinministry.org/spanish-products/

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