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Kids in Ministry International News & Views Reflecting on 2015

10560386_1645227119061397_6187175702918864094_oThe end of a year is always a time of reflection and evaluation. In most ways 2015 has been tremendous for me personally as well as for Kids in Ministry International. To the best of my ability I have attempted to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in all areas of life and ministry, yet I want to spend the next few days in soul searching. The signs are all around us, that the time is short. I am challenged to stay focused, stay diligent, stay a watchman on the wall for ministry to children.

As I look back at the amazing opportunities and progress we have made I am posting pictures to remember the most significant events in 2015. I’m so glad you are my friend. I hope following me this year has been inspiring, encouraging, and provoking. It will take all of us – church leaders, children’s ministers, parents and grandparents – to raise a generation wholly committed to following Christ.

10620491_1645227882394654_1585673191769109040_o1. We added five more directors around the world as leaders in Kids in Ministry – Malene Venjoe Anderson – KIMI Zambia, Lynn Cross – KIMI New Hampshire, Ps Francis Opoku – KIMI Ghana, Daina Vekmane – KIMI Latvia, and Adriana Morales – KIMI Australia.

2. I wrote and published two more children’s books.

3. We published two more curriculums

commisioning4. We had 3 children’s books published in Polish, two in Portuguese, two in Spanish.

5. My book Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century was translated and published in Polish and Portuguese.

6. I had the honor of being commissioned by C. Peter Wagner and Chuck Pierce at Global Spheres and speak with C. Peter Wagner at a conference in Brazil, meeting him and wife Doris for the first time.

7. I had a record breaking 4 international trips in one year – Australia (January) Israel (May) Brazil (August and December)

886231_1645227435728032_5304009395395048768_o8. Published a new worship curriculum written by one of our leaders

9. With the help of my KIMI Leaders, we had PowerClub and SSCM graduates in many new countries we’ve never been to before – Pakistan, Guatemala, Argentina, Malaysia, Romania.

10. We had 86 new certified graduates from our School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry – our largest graduating class ever.

11. I was honored to co-chair and speak at the Sons and Daughters Track at the global congress for Jerusalem 2015, a call for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit on this generation. It was attended by over 4500 people worldwide.

12. I overcame two abscess teeth and sciatica all in 2015, lost 27 lbs. Today I feel healthy and good.

Check out our new 2015 line of curriculums and books here.



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