Romanian Child Escapes Communism and Prays for America

Kids in Ministry International News & Views Romanian Child Escapes Communism and Prays for America

If you have never seen this video, you owe it to yourself to watch. I’ve showed it for years in my ministry travels. The little girl and her family were Romanian immigrants who escaped persecution by Communists and were being interviewed by the 700 Club. Pat asked the little girl to pray. Her prayer will blow your socks off. This was taken back in the 1980s when Reagan was still President but is still relevant today. The prayer packs power, especially from a child.

I have often wondered whatever happened to this little girl, Delia Crisan. I’ve searched on the internet and asked questions but she disappeared off the planet until this week. I have this video posted on our YouTube page, and her father Paul Crisan saw it and emailed me. He wrote:

“After revolution in 1990 I came back in Romania having a lot of crusades with many pastors from USA. Also my family and my daughter Delia was here. Delia returned to the USA to finish school. She is married and she lives in Arizona with her husband and their 4 beautiful children. She still loves Jesus with the same passion as when she was a little girl.

“I am so happy you put the video with my daughter Delia to encourage other young people and adults as well, because I believe the prayers only can bring the revival in the nation. I’m praying for your ministry and please pray for us too because working with orphan children is not an easy work.”

As we have said for years, children who have powerful experiences with God while they are young statistically continue their passion for God throughout their lives. Let’s quit playing games with our kids, and without apology show them the real Power of the Jesus they serve!


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