There Are Seers Among Us

There are Seers Among Us

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There are seers living in our homes today. They are having dreams, and visions, and sometimes nightmares. They are intuitive beyond their years. And they have been gifted by God for this day in God’s timetable.
They are the Joel 2:28 generation. “In the last days I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters will prophecy. We are no longer waiting for this generation. They are here. They are seers, and they are seeing into the spirit realm.
They have been gifted by God for His end time purposes. Yet, if we are not careful, we can easily disregard what they are telling us. And, equally as bad, we can fail to nurture and protect those gifts.

Overactive Imaginations or Seers?

Seers in the Bible actually saw things. They had dreams, visions, and saw prophetic images. In children, we can too easily disregard this as an overactive imagination. But it is in the realm of our imaginations that this takes place. But it is actually a spiritual gift God needs today.
There is an ongoing conversation among Christians, that at times has become divisive—is it okay to let our kids to watch and read things like Harry Potter, and his counterparts, or not? The Christian world is amazingly divided on this, and in some cases, extremely well-respected, even revered ministers, saying there is nothing wrong with it. We are paranoid, in their estimation.
While they would never, ever condone Christians being involved in “real” witchcraft and paranormal activities, when it comes to entertainment they see no problem enjoying it. But is there something about this we should consider, especially if our children are ultra-sensitive to the spirit world.
Let’s consider how loaded the Old Testament is with worshiping false gods and building idols. You can barely go one page in the OT without running across a reference to it. Idols were also called images. The word imagination comes from the word image. Those idols were made in the imaginations of their creators before they took form.

Perverted Seers?

I had a friend one time who was a strong intercessor. She was at my house, and we were flipping through TV channels, when we accidentally ran across a channel showing heavy rock music. The singers were dressed in very demonic costumes, and the imagery of the entire song was evil. We watched for just a couple of minutes, being quite aghast realizing, this was a very popular song, when my friend spoke up and pointed to one of the people.
“That one right there,” she said. “Whoever made this video has tapped into the spirit realm, because I have seen that demon in prayer.”
We must protect the imaginations of our children. This is not the same as slapping their hands and saying, “No! No! Naughty! Naughty!” If you do that you only created a deeper curiosity in what they are told not to do. You must educate them, in age-appropriate ways, to what the word of God says about it. Give them alternatives that are godly. When they share dreams, visions, or even nightmares, talk about them in terms of what God is showing them. Teach them how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.
It is for this reason we have written materials for spirit-filled children’s ministry curriculum.

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