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WHY DON’T WE TELL OUR KIDS THE TRUTH ABOUT HALLOWEEN? Why do we allow them to have heroes and heroines that are engulfed in magic and witchcraft? The Bible has tons to say about this including Acts 19:19. “And a number of those who had practiced magic arts brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all.” Why aren’t we burning our magic books, movies, video games, etc.? No, we are allowing our kids (and ourselves) to be hilarious mesmerized by “pretend” magic.

Getting Ready for a Christian Halloween

Hey!  I got a big day ahead of me. Halloween is coming up next Tuesday, and I am working on these signs I updated. I made these signs about four years ago, but then I updated a lot of the designs because they were getting dated. I wanted them [to have] just some better consistencies and all, and so I’ve been putting my yard signs together.

I’m going to be going outside today, and actually, [begin] putting them up. And if you are interested in getting signs this like this, you can go to my website at  And you can go to the store, and right on the home page, it’ll have a link there for you to go ahead and get these.

There’re actually 23 different designs that you can use to put in your yard for Halloween, and this is our way of shattering the darkness and lighting up the night and bringing the message that Jesus, as the light of the world, is stronger than darkness.

Powerful Messages!

We give kids messages like, “Nightmares have to go, in Jesus’ name!”, and “No monsters in my house tonight!”, and “When scary things come, just say Jesus!”  This one I really love— “Magic curses nor spells have no power over the name of Jesus.”

See, what we’re trying to do is, you shatter the lies that these kids believe as far as zombies and warlocks and witches and all the rest of [it]. I love this one here, “The only ghost that lives here is the Holy Ghost.” This is one of my favorites, too.  This one on the vampires— “Sorry, vampires .  The real power is in the blood of Jesus!”  And that vampire’s power is fake power.  So, what we’re trying to do is just sort of shatter the darkness.

How to Assemble

Now, what I did is, when I printed these out, I actually went to the store I like– a Menards or someplace — and I bought some yard signs.  Now I’ve invested a lot of money in this because I’ve been doing this for the last four years, but I just put the foam core. I don’t know if you know what foam core is, but you can get foam core at Hobby Lobby, or you can get it at Michael’s or some craft store.

And I mounted the signs.  Oka,y so this one’s upside down.  We’ll go back to the other one. [I] mounted the signs, and then I put a covering on it that will keep it from getting wet.  And these will last me for many, many years.

Now then, I just used old duct tape to put it on to the side.  These ones that are sitting down on the floor– I will actually nail these to my house, to the siding [in] various places– the garage, as kids are walking up to my driveway.

So, anyway, this is my probably my all-time favorite—”Demons tremble at the name of Jesus!” Here’s a brand new one that I hadn’t had before—”Satan was defeated by Jesus!”  I just love this the little caption there.  He’s saying, “I’m just no match against Jesus.”

The Goody Bags

So, these are different things that you can do.  If you go to our website, we’ve got a lot of other ideas of what you can do.  And, um, here!   I just want to run over here real quick, because something else that I’m doing is, I have decided this year that I’m giving out these little packets.  Okay.  So, I’ve already packaged them up, and what I did is, I took some bags and we put in stickers.  And these stickers are also in the downloadable packet that you can put on any kind of bag.  I just happen[ed] to use black ones.  And what I’m doing is, I’m putting fun stuff in.  I’m putting three or four pieces of candy in each of the bags, and then I threw a pencil in just for the fun of it, and then we also include the little mini signs of the big signs that you can cut apart and put in so you can actually send a message home with the kids.  And on the back of them we direct them to a super tube video online that’s put been put up by Superbook .  And it will talk about how Satan has been defeated, and so it’s just right down their alley.

Then we put a glow stick– you can get a bunch of them, a package for a dollar at, like, the dollar store or something– about four or five in a package.   So, we put a glow stick in there, and that’s more in our mind than the child’s mind, that Jesus is the light, and the light is stronger than darkness.

And you see a Caucasian boy here.  We actually have a little Latino girl label that you can use, and then, I don’t see it right on top here, but we also have a little African American child that you can use for labels, and all the rest of it.

So, and one of the things that we’re doing, is that we found that online that the Father’s Love Letter is available in cartoon form for children.  It’s a free download, so we’ve just put that in the packet, as well.  So, it’s the Father’s Love Letter– who’s the best dad ever– and it just talks about the different situations kids find themselves in if they didn’t have a loving father in the home.  And then, on the back side, is the actual Love Letter, like adults are used to getting.

And so, anyway, we’re folding that up, and that is also going in this little bag of goodies.  So anyway, just wanted you to know what we’re doing.  Jesus is lighting up the night and lighting up our life on Halloween.  We’re not– we’re taking back the night from darkness, amen!

Where to Buy the Posters

And so, anyway, I hope we’ve given you some great ideas.  Go to our website again at  Go to the store, and right on the front page there, you’ll see some promotions for this particular event and where you can download all this goody good stuff!

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