Listen to: Kids Who Heal the Sick

Kids in Ministry International Listen to: Kids Who Heal the Sick

Guest: Barbie Hunt
Co-Director of the Main Street Prayer Center (Healing Rooms affiliate)
Madisonville, KY

Barbie trains children how to be sensitive to the voice of God, and minister healing to the adults who come into the Healing Rooms for prayer. Learn how you can do the same in your church, family, or Healing Rooms ministry. This interview is full of captivating testimonies of children in her Healing Rooms ministering to adults and seeing supernatural results.

Hear Testimonies of Kids Who Heal the Sick

You will hear about the woman with chronic migraine headaches. When a little girl her God tell her to blow a shofar in the woman’s ear, she was instantly healed.

Barbie shares how it was the children who came to her asking to be trained to heal. They had been with their parents during revival meetings where great healings were taking place. It was a surprise Barbie, but she immediately responded and is now a sought after speaker to help other Healing Rooms establish children’s healing teams. This is one of the most exciting examples we have seen of adult Christians mentoring and discipling children in the Christian faith outside of  traditional children’s ministry.

Whether you are a part of a Healing Rooms ministry, or are simply a parent who wants more spiritually for your own children, this interview will stir your heart and your imagination of what God can do with children.

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Listen now to “Kids Who Heal the Sick”:

Healing Rooms Kids See Miracles – YouTube

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