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A-repentWHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT SOCIAL/FAMILY PROBLEM FACING AMERICA? This week I wrote on THE PRICE WE ARE PAYING FOR A FATHERLESS GENERATION. Between Facebook and my eblast, I got significant feedback on the topic. The most common responses was “I had no idea!” So today I want to build on the problem we are facing. Those reading from other nations will have to do their own research on actually statistics, but the effect on their children will be the same. If you remember, I connected the rioting we are seeing in our post-election phase by the youth in our land as symptomatic of the absence of fathers in a generation (though there are MANY other reasons as well.)
Dr. Michelle Watson wrote in Kidzmatter magazine: “God says dads matter: The infamous verse that underscores the value God places on fathers is found in Malachi 4:6 where he says that if the hearts of the fathers don’t turn toward their children, and vice versa, He will come and strike the land with a curse. She shared more statistics:
***One out of three kids in America live in homes without a biological father.
***More than 24 million children lack the physical presence of a father in their homes.
***According to 72% of the U.S. population, fatherlessness is considered THE MOST SIGNIFICANT FAMILY OR SOCIAL PROBLEM FACING AMERICA!
* Here’s some of the impacts on children concerning their dads:
* Kids who feel connected to their dads are stronger, healthier, and happier.
* What a dad believes matters more to kids than outside influences.
* If a dad choose Jesus, his family will too.
* Kids internalize their dad’s view of them.
* Dads provide a template by which kids navigate all other relationships.
* When a daughter feels her dad’s love, she doesn’t need to look for love in all the wrong places.
* When a son feels his dad’s respect, he thrives in knowing he’s strong and competent.
* Time with dad brings balance to a child’s life.
* Dads provide a template for relating to God as a Father.
So find a dad today and tell him how much he matters to his kids. And a note to Christian men that you can step in as a spiritual father and make a significant difference in a young boy or man’s life who does not have the presence of a father in his home. Show them what it means to be a healthy male who serves God without apology.
If you know a dad who wants to be more involved in his children’s lives, but for whatever reason has been restricted, pray with him and encourage him, that God will make a way where there is no way.
Moms who are parenting alone—don’t think for one minute all is hopeless. Remember Timothy in the Bible! He had a Greek (pagan) father, but the spiritual influence and leadership came from his mother and grandmother! Plus God sent him a spiritual father in the form of Paul the Apostle when he was still a very young man. Pray into that and ask God to show you how to raise your children for Christ!
It could be argued, that among other significant issues, fatherlessness is a big part of the turmoil in our land. But we know prayer changes things, circumstances, and the hearts of mankind.
So now we know. Let’s reverse the curse.
I have some great resources on my website for parents. Please check them out.
(Photo by Resham Kumar Sunuwar)

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