SSCM Is Some of the Best Training, Student Says!

Kids in Ministry International Comments SSCM Is Some of the Best Training, Student Says!

WOW! I don’t know what to say. This is our brand newest graduate from our School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry–Steve O’Brien. His wife Phoebe just graduated a few weeks ago. But Steve’s testimony really humbles me. Read on…

“I have been in ministry for over 26 years now, and a lot of it spent ministering to children and youth especially overseas. I call it ministering by the seat of my pants and the Holy Ghost & fire, meaning He did it all, because all I had was a little idea of what to do and any results with this was all Him in spite of me. The only good thing I had was a will to try and His love for them.”

“Since the SSCM I have a lot of information with understanding that I never had before to help me to be a better pastor, teacher and spiritual father. The best I could do before was preach at a level they could understand and keep moving so I wouldn’t lose their attention and 30 minutes was good.”

“Now after all the training it is possible to minister to them in a Power Club for 1- 2 hours using the Tabernacle pattern for ministry. What I did before was mostly evangelistic but since the SSCM I believe with God’s help my wife and I will be able to make strong disciples for Jesus. My hope now is to produce a lot more fruit for Him anywhere we can get to in the US and overseas and release all we have learned to the children.”

“I’ve learned from some of the best teachers and preachers in the world but I have to say what Becky presented through 45 lessons as a whole is some of the best teaching I have received in over 2 1/2 decades.”

“Thank you Becky for all your years of labor for children and for Lori for help in guiding me through the school and grading my tests with always giving a positive note.”

Steve O’Brien

Congratulations, Steve! Welcome to the KIMI family!

If you would like to know more about the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry, please check it out here:


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