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Kids in Ministry International SSCM Certification

SSCM  Certification May Be for You

For those who are interested, we offer a Certificate of Completion for those SSCM students who do the necessary homework requirements which are very simple. Work at your own pace. There are no deadlines and no exams! There is an Enrollment Form to be printed out and sent in to our office along with a one-time $20 registration fee if the purchaser desires to officially enroll as a student. Our Training Facilitator with then coach them throughout the training. Thereafter, simply follow the instructions of taking notes on every session you listen to, and submit them in the proper format. Once all of your notes have been submitted and viewed by our leaders, we will send you a signed Certificate of Completion for you to frame and hang in your home or office.


Junior SSCM Certification:

We frequently have children and teens under age 15 who want to complete the course along with their parents. But they have a hard time taking and turning in notes. For them we offer a “Junior Certification” in which the parent signs a verification form that their child listened or watched the sessions and was able to tell what they learned. When all 45 sessions are completed, they are given a Junior Certificate of Completion, can go through the graduation ceremonies just like the adults and become a part of ministry teams on age-appropriate levels.

As a SSCM Certified Graduate you potentially become a candidate to help Kids in Ministry leaders in training situations with kids and adults around the world. To speak with SSCM Facilitator, Laura Diehl, please write to


Instructions on How to Become a Certified Graduate

The purpose behind creating this course is to help men and women everywhere catch a vision for the spiritual potential of raising up children to be partners with God in His supernatural ministry in the Church of Jesus Christ. It is to train children’s ministers and parents to make children active participants in Kingdom activities while they are still children, and not make the mistake of waiting until they are teens or young adults. It is our hope that the principles and concepts we share here will be utilized by parents in their homes and by children’s ministers in local church bodies.

There is no deadline for completing the course. You work at your own pace in your own home. Everything depends on the discipline, hunger, lifestyle, and time available of the person taking it.

There are no examinations to take. If the student has no interest in being certified, then there is no further obligation to Kids in Ministry International (KIMI). But if the student does desire to receive a Certificate of Completion or cares to be further more actively involved in KIMI then note the following requirements:

1.    Read the book Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century. After completion, write a minimum of 1,000 word typed book report (paper size 8.5″x11″ in the USA/ paper size A4 outside the USA, font size 10pt, single line spacing, no more than .66″ indentation on all four sides of the page. This report must be submitted to Laura Diehl, SSCM Training Facilitator at after completion. This shows you have actually read the book, and helps us know whether you have understood what you read.

2.    Then begin listening to the CDs in the course. Take detailed notes on every CD you listen to. You then type up your notes making separate papers for each CD and send copies  to Laura Diehl, SSCM Training Facilitator at Notes for each shall fill one side of one full 8.5″x11″ paper size for the USA or A4 if you live outside the USA. (Font size 10pt, single line spacing, no more than .66″ indentation on all four sides of the page.) Once again this shows you have listened to the materials and that you have a good grasp of what you heard.

3.     Once we receive all of your notes and reports and go through them, finding them meeting the requirements, we will send you an official Certificate of Completion.

That’s it! We want to make it as easy as possible with your busy schedule.




Giving our graduates “Pretzels” along with their certificates has become a tradition with special meaning.  It came from a dream someone had about Becky which we share at every graduation ceremony. Historically pretzels represent gifts that monks gave to children for memorizing their prayers. Historically the three holes in the pretzels represent the Trinity.






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