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Kids in Ministry International SSCM Course Titles


Listed here are the 45 SSCM course titles contained in the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry (SSCM), which is a one-of-a-kind training course to help parents, Sunday School teachers, children’s ministry pastors and volunteers, to know how to mentor and disciple children to become radical followers of Jesus. Click on any title to find out more information about the topic.

Category One SSCM Course Titles– The Vision

This first category of the SSCM course is a loud wake-up call to parents can church leaders. It lays out the need for a new paradigm in children’s ministry in our churches, and what we’ve been doing that isn’t working and why. We consider what the experts and statistics are telling us. It’s our vision for what God sees and wants for our children while clearly spelling out what we can do as the Church to change how we disciple and mentor our children in the Christian faith. Anybody and everybody who is contact with children needs to hear these very timely messages.

1.   Evaluating the Church & Her Children
2.   I Hate Sunday School. It’s so Boring!
3.   What to Teach Children and Why
4.   True Mentoring & Discipling Children
5.   Generational Destiny
6.   Kids as a Mission Field
7.   Scriptural Basis for Children’s Ministry
8.   PowerClubs: Planting Churches of Children
9.   Creating a Biblical Worldview
10. The Joshua Factor
11. Is Children’s Ministry Biblical?
12. What Makes this Generation Unique
13. Kids of Power
14. A Holy & Righteousness Generation
15. Children & the Holy Spirit

Category Two SSCM Course Titles – The Prophetic 

This second category of topics in the SSCM course gets down a little deeper into what we are dealing with as per a 21st Century group of kids. Their world of the supernatural is vastly than the world you and I grew up in, and we cannot ignore some of the serious ramifications. We cannot be afraid to tackle subjects that most children’s ministries, and the Church as a whole, ignore. As parents and church leaders we must pay attention to what is right under our noses. We must be informed in order to guide our children through the cultural and spiritual landmines of their world in our homes and in our churches.

16.   The Supernatural World of This Generation
17.  The Master Plan for Churches & Parents
18.   What Christian Parents Can Learn from Mormons, Muslims, and Jews
19.   Awakening a Heart of Prayer in Children
20.   What the Prophets Are Saying About Generation
21.   Babies & God (It Begins in the Womb)
22.   Preschoolers & God (The Most Spiritually Sensitive Age)
23.   Prophetic Children in History
24.   Gender Identity Issues in Children
25.   Guiding Our Kids Through the Spirit World
26.   Revolutionary Parenting 
27.   How to Raise a Spiritual Champion
28.   Deliverance and Kids
29.   Single Parent Discipleship
30.  How the Kingdom of Darkness Operates with Kids

Category Three SSCM Course Titles– The Practical

Our last category of the SSCM Training Course primarily focuses on the practical application–or the “how to’s”–of taking all the knowledge you have learned up to this point in the course and translating it into what to do in a children’s service to bring kids into the presence of God, equip them to walk in the supernatural, and how to ground them on the solid rock of God’s Word. This gives you simple step by step tools to know exactly what you need to do to put a children’s service together for the greatest impact. But all of these tips can also be used in the home for parental discipleship. As we say so often in our conferences, “If you will do what we tell you to do, you will get the results we get.”

31.   The Tabernacle Pattern of Children’s Ministry
32.   Reaching the Heart of a Child through Games
33.   Thou Shalt Have Object Lessons
34.   Altar Services as an Art Form
35.   Creative Use of Drama
36.   Understanding Children & Worship
37.   Prophetic Worship with Flags & Banners
38.   Quick & Easy Scripture Memorization
39.   How to Use KIMI Curriculums
40.   Skills in Becoming an Effective Teacher
41.   Discipline Can Be Fun
42.   Child Protection Policies
43.   Tips on Training Kids in the Prophetic
44.   The Spiritual World of Autistic Children
45.   How to Start a PowerClub





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