See what our students say about the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry.

Some of the Best Teachings Ever

I have been in ministry for over 26 years now, and a lot of it ministering to children and youth. Since taking SSCM I have gained a lot of information and understanding that I never had before to help me become a better pastor, teacher, and spiritual father. I’ve learned from some of the best teachers and preachers in the world. But I have to say what Becky presented through 45 lessons as a whole is some of the best teaching I have received in over 2 1/2 decades.
Pastor Steve O’Brien

Some of the Best Teaching I have ever had!

I have two bachelor’s degrees and two master’s degrees in education and theology. Yet I can earnestly say the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry training is some of the best I have ever experienced. If I could only use one word to describe SSCM, it would be WOW!!! The information is timely, relevant, and a total game changer for impacting kids today and making a systemic change with power-packed eternal ramifications. I need to do a better job connecting the dots for our parents. SSCM has given me the boldness to step out there and run this race with calm assurance that we hear His voice and respond to The Call with full abandonment. Love your heart, Becky.
Sherry Chester –

This Course is Very different from Others

What I am learning is so awesome. For 14 years, I have been in children’s ministry and have done training with Child Evangelism Fellowship, twice levels 1 and 2, and the instructor of teachers level 1. I have also received training from One Hope etc.

But SSCM is something very, very different from what I have already received from the other ministries. I am learning so many new things, and by the time I am done, my ministry will be on fire for Jesus.

I wish to say again thank you so much for this opportunity given to me to get this training. It has totally changed my vision for children’s ministry, and as I continue my learning process, the Holy Spirit is laying so much in my heart to do. First, to carry this KIMI to all the local churches in my community. Even though most of their teachers have received training from C.E.F., that will not stop nor discourage me. It is like I am pregnant and waiting when I am done to give birth.
Fon Mensah
Cameroon, West Africa

I loved SSCM!

I loved the course! I love that you “tackle” the deeper things of the Kingdom with children, and they do get it! The various aspects, information, and object lessons all helped bring the learning together. My heart has been very heavy for kids today. I live in a small rural town with generational addictions and lifestyles that are extreme strongholds here. There are kids that I know of who have visions, see in the spirit realm, and battle the bullying of the enemy. I’ve been raised in the church all my life, and you have the God-given gift to shed light on things I’d never heard of before. So, thank you!
Cheri Griggs –

SSCM was an answer to prayer!

The course is an answer to my personal prayer. I helped in Sunday school for two years. Sometimes the children said that they were bored and it made me very upset. I prayed and asked God what could be done. Everything seemed to be good, but something felt like we were missing something. Now I understand what we have missed. Thank God for Becky and her ministry !!!
Elena Maksak
Siberia, Russia

Before SSCM Children’s Ministry was more of a burden than a blessing

For many years, I felt with all my heart that my ministry to children was meaningless. I myself wanted more spiritual fulfillment, and therefore, the children’s ministry was more like a burden than a blessing. And all this turned into a long yearning and pleas for how to change something in my ministry to children. We already have six children, and our eldest son is 13 years old. Unfortunately, he does not want to join the Church. He knows the Bible stories, many apostolic prayers, and psalms by heart, but this does not help. He does not know God personally. After the course, I believe that everything will change. Everything that I learned and read in your book, I accept everything! All the information fit in me, and the place for it was ready a long time ago! The Lord rewards those who seek Him! Hallelujah.
Zulfiya Ignatova

SSCM sessions have revolutionized our children’s church and our church as a whole.

As I went through SSCM, I brought the main points to our church staff, which has touched each of their hearts. We as a church have always placed importance on the children, but this has given us new insight, passion, zeal, and insight as to what exactly we should be focusing on. Since taking your course, some of our children have had visions, been baptized in the Spirit, spoken prophetic words, heard the voice of God, dreamed prophetic dreams, and so much more! I have seen our children who were under demonic influences be set free and then have seen them weep under the power of the Holy Ghost. We have slowly begun to integrate your teachings into the way we choose to run our classrooms. It has made all the difference.
Alyssa Crane –

SSCM Made Me completely Rethink Children’s Ministry

Having spent many years in Sunday school and in children’s camps, working with and serving children, I often felt dissatisfied with what I was doing and that the children were not “captured” by Jesus. After completing the Becky Fischer course, I had a rethinking of the entire children’s ministry, a new vision that I gratefully accepted. An understanding of the role of children in ministry came. I also got practical, creative ideas. I received answers to many of my questions to the Lord. I am very blessed and enthusiastic.
Marina Solovyova

SSCM Was an Answer to prayer!

These courses were an answered prayer for me. I have learned so much and grown so much more in my own personal spiritual walk and in my ministry. For the past 18 years, I have learned a lot as a children’s minister. Over time, however, I began to notice that something was missing. The children didn’t seem to be experiencing Jesus in a way like I did. In a way that captivated them and gave them a desire to live for Him. I’ve gone to many other training and other classes during that time, and I was told to appease their short attention spans and become a great entertainer. I was told that I needed to have a Disneyland mentality when it came to my classroom and make sure that my class was fun above all else.

So, I strived to do that, strived to be the entertainer, making the lessons as fun and short and appealing as I could. And while that was good for a while, kids were still leaving the church, still following paths that led them away from Jesus as they got older. There just had to be more. There had to be a way to make Jesus real to them. While I was struggling with this, I came across Becky’s lessons and these courses. Each lesson showed me what I’ve been missing and how to truly captivate children’s hearts for God.

I’m excited to incorporate what I’ve learned in the Supernatural School of Children’s Ministry, with Becky Fischer, into my own Children’s Ministry and with the families in my church. While every training and class I’ve been to, overall, has had great value and insight for my ministry, Becky answers questions I’d been struggling with. She gets to the heart of the matter and presents information in a clear manner.

The whole experience with SSCM has been wonderful. I highly recommend SSCM for anyone in children’s ministry, families, or anyone who wants to see children not only entertained by the things of God but also immersed and engulfed in the supernatural and led by the Holy Spirit for the rest of their lives.  ~
Kelly Morgan Hess

My Perspective Has Changed

I would like to take this time, first, to thank God Almighty for the opportunity to complete SSCM COURSE by KIMI. Over this course, God has truly expanded the horizons of my understanding in the area of ministering to younger minds and serving God and the church through Children’s ministry.

I have truly changed my perspective and given some important lessons that I will carry with me for a long time. My gratitude and special thanks to Becky Ma’am and KIMI team for your excellent work and your faithfulness in obeying God’s call and serving the Global church through Children’s ministry- one child at a time.
Syam Chaitanya Boddu


I Now Have a Brand New Perspective!

These courses have revolutionized my thinking when it comes to children’s ministry. It has given me a Brand New Perspective when it comes to ministering to children. In our ministry here in Guatemala, we have done a lot of child evangelism and some equipping, but I always thought that there was something missing and needed to get these kids more in the presence of God by teaching them how to do that. But we were very limited.

Now those limitations have been removed by these wonderful courses. I am excited about the future because I feel that I am armed and ready to go to a new level with KIMI PowerClubs. I just want to thank Becky for her powerful vision for the kids in the world and the love that she has for us and Guatemala. My wife Elizabeth and I have a very big vision for Guatemala and all of Central America in that we want to see a revolution of children´s ministries and parents. By doing that, we will see PowerClubs planted by the thousands in Jesus’ mighty Name.”
Wally Sayers

Kids Are Far More Capable than we give them credit for

I come from a different faith and have found the LORD in my life. I never had the experience of a Sunday school, but looking at our church children, I am so amazed and marveled.

The School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry was not just informative but also opened my eyes to many things that I didn’t know. I understood the need and impact of a good Sunday school in a child’s life.

One of the things that really impacted me was when Ms Becky spoke about how to hear the voice of God, The Supernatural Power of Tongues, and Revolutionary Parenting. It opened my thoughts towards children for every detail that we prepare. This course taught me that children are far more capable than we give them credit for.

This course has been everything I’ve felt in my heart for some time. I’m so grateful to God. I loved this training. It was so powerful and Bible-based. I highly recommend it to EVERY parent and not just children ministers. It is the parents’ job to train the children! This course has been eye-opening with the statistics and empowering with the Truth! Thank you so much, Ms Becky, and all who worked hard behind the scenes.
Khadervalli Saritholla

SSCM was very eye-opening

SSCM was very eye-opening and has enriched me in so many ways. Although I was not oblivious to the ever-increasing darkness targeting our children today, many things were brought out into the light. We must all be awake and aware to educate our children before somebody else does. Becky is an excellent teacher. She has a passion for training up the last generation, and an enormous amount of knowledge, and a love of the Lord and His holiness. She shows what is deep in her heart, and I hope more parents and teachers find the tools and answers they need to successfully train a child by the Word of God and tools like this.

Judy Woo

My Eyes Were Opened to What Wasn’t Working

I thought this course was amazing, from the first class about your book Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century: A Call for Radical Change! to the last lesson. It definitely opened my eyes to exactly what wasn’t working in Children’s ministry. All I knew was that it wasn’t. I was thrown into Children’s ministry for about a year before we moved, and I had no clue what I was doing.

The biggest takeaway I think for myself and what I’ve heard other parents worry about is the concern of teaching too much for them to digest. I know now that when you are teaching children about God, you are speaking to their spirit, and age is not a factor. The spirit understands the things of the Spirit. Be more concerned with not putting enough meat on their plate. Just in the natural, they’ll eat what they can and finish the rest later.
Tyson Canty

All I Can Say is WOW!

When I think back over all that I have learned and gleaned during this training, all I can say is WOW. I will never see children or children’s ministry the same again. This course challenges adults regarding the purpose and calling to which we were called in Christ. It challenges parents to make the most of the time God has given for raising their kids. It wakes us all up to the urgency of the hour and leaves no excuse for complacency or ignorance.

Thank you, Ms. Becky Fischer and your team, for your investment, love, and perseverance in challenging the Body of Christ to hear what God is saying in this hour and sounding the clarion call to join Him in training, equipping, and discipling our future generations.
Ann Buzzard

I Highly Recommend This Course

I had seen God filling teens with the Holy Spirit, but the concept of seeing children filled with the Spirit and used in ministry was new. Through KIMI, my vision was expanded to believe that what I had seen God could do in teens could be done with children.

The School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry filled so many holes in my bank of knowledge that I should have known about children’s ministry, both in basic applications such as child protection policies. From the history of children’s ministry, such as the rise and fall of the Sunday School Empire, and even things that used to be fringe, but now are mainstream ministry concepts (such as ministering to Autistic Children) added to my bank of knowledge. 

The lessons in SSCM, such as Why They Stay and Why They Stray, need to get off the shelves of Children’s ministry leaders and on the desks of every pastor who doesn’t want to lose the generation of kids and teens that he or she is dedicating, confirming, and baptizing.

I highly recommend these lessons and this course to all of the influencers that I have been in touch with in Africa and also to those where I am now going as I shift over to the Melanesian Islands of the Pacific.
Mark Gardner
 Assemblies of God World Missions/ KIMI Polynesia

I am not just Inspired but Empowered!

SSCM was an answer to prayer! I have been in children’s ministry since the 6th grade and have been a Children’s Pastor for 12 years. I was introduced to George Barna’s books that Becky mentions several times throughout the training in 2009, taught Revolutionary Parenting to my ministry Parents, and even mentored by a well-known Children’s Minister. Yet I was longing for more—there was something missing—God brought me Becky Fischer, Kids in Ministry Int’l and SSCM! 
I longed for a teaching system that could take what was burdening my heart and distribute it to my team. I longed for Holy Spirit to move in our Children’s Ministry, but I kept falling short, feeling I was the only one on the planet forging this path. I longed for a curriculum that would teach kids the truth of God’s Word, embrace experiencing His presence, and develop true disciples of Christ (not just kids that knew basic character lessons and Bible Stories with no grounding for a life with Christ, but growing in relationship and partnering with Holy Spirit.)  
I found all these things in SSCM and KIMI curriculum! Unlike other curriculum-generating companies, I didn’t find material that eventually expires. I found Godly principles and a heart of excellence that Becky demonstrates by providing excellent curriculum examples plus teaching how to write your own material. She also models a living ministry that continues to evaluate and revamp, keeping things fresh, and sets a beautiful example of working with a team and those of like-mindedness in the body of Christ!

After going through SSCM, I am not just inspired but equipped and empowered to go forward with confidence in the calling and anointing God has on me to succeed (“develop others so that I am no longer needed”!)  
Debbie Yuhas

SSCM Has Been an Amazing Experience!

I can’t stop thanking the Lord for leading me to find Pastor Becky Fischer. It took me 8th months of prayer until I finally found Becky’s SSCM.

Taking the course has been an amazing learning. It is something new, exciting, fun, and very spiritual. We love it, and kids too. From the beginning to the end, each class is a revolution to our standards, beliefs, and ways of thinking.

KIMI course makes me realize how much I have to give of my time and dedication to make a difference in this new generation. KIMI Curriculum will make a supernatural impact on our children, parents, church, community, and adjacent towns.

Our congregation is being impacted by seeing our children walking into the Supernatural power of God. I take this opportunity to thank Becky Fischer for letting The Lord use her to bless many children, teachers, parents, communities, and countries.
Eudis Wynns
Director of KIMI New Jersey, Latino

I’m Truly in Awe of the Power of the Training!

I am truly in awe of the power of this training and the KIMI curriculum. The growth I’ve already witnessed in myself, our leaders, our kids, and their parents is truly astounding. I’m incredibly thankful to learn from Becky Fischer, whose vast knowledge and unmatched passion for introducing children to the presence of God is inspiring.