Summer Camps Are For The Baptism In The Holy Spirit

Summer Camps are for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

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Summer Camps - Kids getting filled with the Holy SpiritRight now, we are hearing glowing testimonies from all over the world where kids ministers are speaking in summer kids camps, and kids by the thousands are receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues.

I grew up in camps like that. It was one of the things I treasured most about summer camp, was the encouragement to press in to the things of the Spirit without limitation. I’ve watched it over a lifetime, and preach on it when I get the chance. The majority of kids ministers in our Pentecostal and Spirit-filled churches tell us all the time, the only time they ever talk about the baptism in the Holy Spirit is once a year at camp. In fact, for Pentecostal churches, its just understood that at least one camp service will go to teaching on the subject.

And what’s also understood, is nobody every mentions it again until the next summer kids’ camp. In fact, I just met a phenomenal kids pastor of 15 years raised in a traditional Pentecostal denomination that told me that very thing. In 15 years she never one time preached on the baptism. It was always left for camp.

Does anyone besides me see anything wrong with this picture? What we place a priority on, our kids will place a priority on. So the message we are sending our kids is the Holy Spirit and tongues is a summer thing, not an everyday thing.

Parents, do you ever pray in tongues with your children in your home? If not, why not? If they never encounter this in the home, it’s value is greatly diminished in their eyes.

For some of you, it’s time to make changes in your home. For many of you in children’s ministry, it’s time to make changes in your church services.

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