Did You Take Your Kids To Sunday School This Week

Did You Take Your Kids to Sunday School This Week?

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Did You Take Your Kids To Sunday School Today?

How was it? Does your church have a really good children’s ministry program? How do you know? I mean really—–how do you know?

It’s a well known statistic that one of the top three things families looking for a new church home is the quality of the children’s ministry program. But the survey never asks the question, “What makes it a quality program?”

What makes your Sunday School a Quality Program?

We might guess–it’s own designated facility, well furnished and colorfully decorated with dynamic murals on the walls. Lively music. Plenty of teachers and volunteers. Maybe the luxury of a full-time children’s pastor, or a Christian Education director. And interesting activities. Sounds good. I’d want that for my kids!

But look beneath the surface to the lessons they teach. Are they really giving your children quality, “meaty”, doctrinal teachings? Are your children truly being fed on a spiritual diet that they can really sink their teeth into, or are they just surviving on repetitious Bible Stories they’ve heard since they were 4 yrs old?

You Can Know By Looking at Your Children

One way to find out is look at your children. Are they becoming bored with church by the age on 10 or 11? Or are you seeing any true signs of spiritual hunger and growth in their lives as a result of what they are learning? Do they love Jesus more now than when you first started attending that church? Are they anxious to be in God’s presence, or do they drag their feet not wanting to go back? If your children are truly being fed the deep things of God, you should be seeing real maturing and growth in their spiritual lives that is measurable.

Every Christian parent owes it to their children to see to it they have a spiritually thriving children’s ministry program where they are truly being discipled and mentored in the faith of Jesus Christ, and not putting in their time until they are older when things might get more exciting. Your thoughts?

To learn what to look for in a quality children’s ministry, check out these resources at https://kidsinministry.org/what-is-a-powerclub/

For more on this subject, see my teaching “Evaluating the Church and Her Children.”

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