Be Unspotted

Kids in Ministry International Be Unspotted

Be unpspotted

Here’s something to talk about at supper tonight with the kids—how do we live in the world but not be of it? And how do we pass this concept on to our children and teens? A lot of it just boils down to understanding who we really are—we’re children of light living in world of spiritual darkness. I like to tell kids that when we are truly walking in the light of Jesus it’s like we’ve swallowed a Holy Ghost light bulb and people can actually see us glow.

But when we compromise and begin to let the world get into our hearts, even in small ways, our light gets dimmer. We can become “spotted” and if we are not careful we get so many spots our light gets dim, and people can’t see our light very good any more. The Bible tells us to keep ourselves “unspotted” from the world. That’s a practice that needs to start when kids are young.

Tonight as a family at supper time discuss what spiritual darkness is and what it looks like.

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