The Bible is Alive

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The Bible is Alive!

Tonight the supper table, a family time when you discuss the things of God, talk about this Scripture tonight. Ask your children if they know how important the Bible is. When a Muslim child picks up the Quran, he kisses it. When you go to a Jewish synagogue, people dance around the auditorium holding a copy of the Torah in their arms, and as they walk by it, they will kiss it. We don’t kiss our Bibles, but this shows how valuable and special they believe their holy books are. How can we show that we believe the Bible is valuable?

Ask your children if the Bible is more important than any other book and why. Be sure to tell them this is the only book in the world that was written by God. He used people to write it down on paper, but he put the thoughts in their minds. Everything they wrote was inspired by God.

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