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Kids can be taught to prophesy, give words of knowledge and words of wisdom and so much more! And in this video you will see an actual live service of me teaching children how to do it.

We show you the ministry time at the end of one of the services I recently did in Toronto, Canada. What you are going to see is an exercise in how I activate kids and adults to minister prophetically to others. This should be a normal part of our Christian life. I am so convinced children need to be taught how to do this at young ages as a part of learning how to hear God’s voice in their lives. This should be going on in every children’s ministry worldwide.

What you need to know in watching this is I spent at least a half-hour teaching them from the word of god about how God speaks to his people. I have written an entire 13-week children’s church curriculum (Hearing God’s voice for Kids) on the subject for boys and girls, but when I’m speaking in churches I have to super-condense the concepts into a very short sermon. I don’t like doing that, because I want the kids to really get grounded in the word on this, and you can’t do that in just one half-hour service. But there’s an anointing and an extra grace for this when I’m speaking in conferences to show kids and adults how easy it is, and it releases something in those churches for children’s ministry.

But then it’s up to the churches to keep going and get their kids more grounded in the Bible ways of doing this. So I’m not going to show the teaching because of time. What I want to focus on in this video is the activation time when the kids put into practice what I had just taught them. And when they do, look out because anything can happen!

The focus of this exercise was training them that one of the ways God frequently speaks to us in pictures. I have lots of scriptures to back this up. Just remember when God was speaking to the Old Testament prophets he frequently asked them “what do you see?” (Jeremiah, Amos, and Zechariah.) So what you will observe here is just that—the kids and adults alike “see” things in their spirits, then we all try to interpret what we’re seeing with some amazing results! It’s almost like putting a puzzle together.

As I said earlier, when kids speak out prophetically, anything can happen, and usually does when you do this in public. So you will notice in the case of one of the people we ministered to, I blurred out his face out of respect for his privacy, so not to embarrass him, because I could tell there were some really personal things that started coming out that was confirmed to me by the pastor when the service was over.

But I want you to see the process of one method on how to activate kids in the prophetic. You can do this same type of thing in your services. But, please, not before you teach them thoroughly on the basics of how to hear god’s voice.

Now let’s see what happens when kids minister prophetically by watching this video!

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