The Kingdom of God Has No Upgrade

Kids in Ministry International News & Views The Kingdom of God Has No Upgrade

Here’s a thought: “The kingdom of God has no upgrade.”

Check out this thought-provoking word from our own Pamela Ayres, founder of our international PowerClubs ministry:

“I heard two sermons in August of 1976 that turned my heart to repentance. The theme of both sermons was this: “It will cost you everything to follow Jesus.” I didn’t know what “everything” was. I only knew deep down that if my life was to be worth anything, it was going to need to be invested in something that would take my “everything.”

Honestly, I don’t believe that deep down any child who hears the gospel without the inner knowledge that it will consume his whole life will respect the gospel or the kingdom of God. Electronic devises have pretty much erased the word “impossible.” If you can imagine it, you can see it. Just wait to get the next upgrade.

God Will Not Respond to Remote Control

But there is one aspect of life that cannot be manipulated or twisted to suit our needs–the kingdom of God. It will still cost us everything to serve God: our time, our relationships, our heart’s cry. God is not available “on demand.” He will not respond to remote control. Unless we seek with all our hearts, we will not find–neither we nor our children. That is a challenge worth presenting to a western culture that is ho hum to stimulation.

Kids need breakthrough, awakening, to the reality that what you see is not what you are getting–that life is a supernatural experience lived out in the natural realm. That is the hot and heavy encounter with God at the altar. But to walk in the kingdom, you must walk daily, steadily, not looking for the spectacular but yielding to a supernatural love relationship that grows through obedience and daily prayer.
How can that ever trump a video game unless kids know the excitement and challenge of living in the supernatural?

No Heavenly Trophies
Parents and other leaders need to nurture that challenge, promote it above sports, dance and secular education. There are no heavenly trophies for personal achievement–only for overcoming the challenges of knowing God. That is a slow and steady building of the kingdom of God within us.

The kingdom of God has no upgrade. It’s fully developed. The challenge is ours, and our children’s, to see Jesus as our consuming desire and giving him our “everything.”

Written by Pamela Ayres, KIMI Top Leadership Team

Pamela ayresPamela wears many hats in Kids in Ministry International from a key player in leading our international PowerClubs, to head intercessor, to author, teacher in our School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry, writer of curriculums, and in many ways the glue that has held our international operations together. To take advantage of more of Pamela’s teachings, see the following resources:

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