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Movies and Books an Change the World

This is a topic that we’ve become a little bored with, but I think I have some new thoughts on it so please, hear me out. Have you noticed in the last ten years there has been an explosion of the occult and witchcraft in our entertainment media? I do not think this is by accident. This has been aimed our children in unprecedented ways, not to mention our teens.

The fact that this is all coming in the form of entertainment is disconcerting but therein lies its secret power. We have been made to believe that, since we have ratings to warn the public of the content of movies, TV shows, and video games, in violence, sex, and swearing, that we can choose wisely and be okay. But there is no rating system for the paranormal, witchcraft or occult in our entertainment media.

A Movie is a Sermon with Pictures

Pastor Marc Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA has said, “A movie is a sermon with pictures.” While various Christian leaders and parents insist that the books and movies for our kids today are just entertainment, and therefore are not harmful, the truth is books and movies have the power to change the world. Case in point—the Bible.

Why would we read Christian books if we don’t expect them to impact us, influence our thinking, and move us to action or closer to Christ?

“Books are the best way to affect how people think. A book sails around the world, reaching people in ways that are lasting and incalculable.” So says Leslie Lenkowsky, former research director of the Smith Richardson Foundation.

“Books bring new ideas to the public square, where they affect the climate of opinion, change the cultural milieu and move policy,” says Dan Schmidt, executive vice president of the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation. (Cover Story from July / August 2002 issue of Philanthropy Magazine By John J. Miller)

Books that Have Changed the World

I looked this up on the internet and found a list of 50 books they say that changed the world:

The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
Common Sense by Thomas Paine.
Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriett Beecher Stowe (credited with starting the Civil War)
Das Kapital by Karl Marx.
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.
1984 by George Orwell.
War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

And #25 on the list: HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE by JK Rowling.

In other words this little book that is pure entertainment and will have no effect on your child has changed the world.

Greater End Time Purposes

We tend to think if my child didn’t end up getting drawn into witchcraft, then it had no harmful effect on them. But while we Christians continue to argue about the harm or harmlessness of this new genre of books, movies, and games, could the enemy be slyly accomplishing another underlying goal for his greater end-time purposes? Is there something we’ve missed?

We all know we’re living in the last days. There are a number of well-known truths about what will happen one of them being the rise of the anti-christ. Read Mt 24:24 (NIV) “For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect–if that were possible.” What do you think those signs and wonders are? It’s going to be some type of paranormal, occultic, modern witchcraft phenomenon.

Is it possible that one of the reasons we are seeing such an explosion of witchcraft and the paranormal, is because we are being prepared for the end times—to accept, receive and believe in him because we have been acclimated to accept forms of the paranormal and witchcraft that he will operate in? Is it possible that a generation is being prepared to be blind and neutralized to the false leadership that will be arising by desensitizing them to the occult? Is it possible because of a lifetime of acceptance in forms of entertainment, they will not be able to recognize the real from the counterfeit?

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