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  Kids in Ministry Int’l & United Caribbean Ministries Partner Together in Africa

CONFLUENCE! What does that mean?

The dictionary says its, “a coming together of people or things; concourse as when two or more rivers merge together to become a bigger river.” Two years ago God gave Becky Fischer a word about ministries coming together in confluence to accomplish the same goal in children’s ministry. And in both 2010 and 2011 we began to see this very thing come to pass. Long time missionary Jenny Tryhane, founder and director of United Caribbean Ministries from Barbados, has been very active in Haiti, Dominica, Suriname, Guyana, and Africa for a long time in her own ministry called “United Caribbean.” (This energetic lady has more impressive projects going than seems possible to accomplish in one lifetime!) But she was dissatisfied with the level of children’s ministry she had available and began to search for something more. The Lord led her to KIMI, and she immediately was hooked by the vision of bringing children into the supernatural life of Christ. It fit perfectly within her own.

Jenny became a certified graduate of KIMI’s School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry and began translating KIMI materials into French and Swahili as quickly as possible, in order to be able to take training materials with her on a three month trek to Africa. Though Jenny had never started a PowerClub of her own, she met up with KIMI’s training facilitator Laura Diehl, who also oversees the work in Uganda for KIMI, as well as KIMI’s Pastor Paul Mwangi, and sat through multiple trainings they did on African soil taking notes as fast as she could.

United Caribbean PowerClubs Launch Big Time

She then went off to the DR Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Uganda where she met with her own team of leaders and trained them how to do PowerClubs. The pastors were required to sit through the training, then they became her interpreters to train others. They then were required to go back to their villages and start PowerClubs. Through the amazing leadership of Jenny Tryhane over 558 leaders and pastors were trained in that three month period. We are still waiting for reports of how many active PowerClubs were started and how many children were trained.

Jenny is now a very important part of our leadership team though she remains active in her own ministry. to learn more about the work she has done for KIMI and PowerClubs visit her website here: United Caribbean

Through the amazing work of Jenny and her African leaders, there are now 39 PowerClubs reaching 1388 children every week with the spirit-filled message of the gospel. IN addition, there are trained PowerClub leaders in five Africa Schools. They collectively are reaching 6,962 African School children regularly with the KIMI curriculum teachings.


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